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UMUC Wrtg293 Research Report Proposal

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Subject: English
Due on: 04/27/2016
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Assignment Instructions: Research Report Proposal

Due Dates:

Review Copy: Sunday –last day of Week 3-- (by 11:59 PM)

200-Point Final: Sunday –last day of Week 4 (by 11:59 PM)

Week 3 Rough Draft Reviews:I will provide advice to help you understand the assignment. However, I don't edit the rough drafts for writing style and fix grammatical errors, etc. Ask questions about grammar, writing style, and APA in the Week 0 discussion forum. Please e-mail or call me to ask questions about my feedback on this assignment if you need to.

No Late Rough Drafts:If you miss the deadline, I recommend working with the tutors at the Effective Writing Center.

Week 4 Graded Submissions: The late penalty for the final version of assignments is 10% (15 points each day). If there are extenuating circumstances, please advise me by e-mail.


Topic Choices:

· Achieving work-life balance in a specific industry and/or situation (ex. deployment)

· Improving TSA security at a specific airport

· Decreasing identity theft in a specific industry or hypothetical corporation

· Recommending or rejecting non-lethal versus lethal weapons for security guards

· Helping military retirees transitioning into civilian jobs

· Monitoring employees’ personal communications at work and home

· Comparing Paypal with Apple Pay or another payment method

· Evaluating a 360-degree employee performance appraisal system

· Recommending or rejecting female military personnel engaging in combat

· Evaluating and predicting the success of the Apple Watch or Fitbit Watch

· Analyzing HIPPA violations with electronic submission of medical records

· Recommending or rejecting body cameras for law enforcement personnel

· Relocating ex-patriates in a specific industry

· Perfecting social media as a marketing technique

· Analyzing why an entrepreneurial corporation failed

· Comparing self-publishing of a novel with seeking a corporate publisher

· Evaluating standardized tests for a specific grade in kindergarten through 12th grade

· Recommending methods to decrease survival guilt due to downsizing in an industry

· Recommending or rejecting patrol rifle optics

· Recommending improvements in public transportation or roads in a specific city

· Creating a PR campaign for a specific product

· Revising one I.R.S. tax law

Formatting Guidelines:

Complete this assignment using the following memo format for the first four lines:


To: Robert Warner, Article Acquisition Editor

From: Your Name


Subject:Request to Publish Article

  • Write no more than three clear and concise pages.
  • Design an appropriate letterhead for Parker-Benson Publishing. Don’t use the address for this internal memo. You may use color, a bolded font, graphic image, etc.
  • Use a Size 12 Times New Roman font.
  • Single space within the paragraph and skip a space between paragraphs.
  • Do not use outside sources. You will write an annotated bibliography later.
  • Use appropriate headings.
  • Use the date of your submission and the Request to Publish Article subject line.
  • Illustrations may be used, but they are not required. They may be in addition to the three pages of words.

Scenario:While attending college, you are working as an editor for Parker-Benson Publishing. Because you recently completed a master’s degree, you are seeking employment in your field. To emphasize your proficient communication skills on your resume, you would like to publish an article. Your best publishing opportunity is with the people who know you, so you prepare this proposal for Parker Benson’s article acquisition editor. He has agreed to review the proposal if you follow his guidelines.


Here is what Robert Warner requires in this order:

Section 1: Introduction

Statement of the problem and/or opportunity

Appropriate, limited background information (Don’t write the report)

Scope establishing boundaries and limitations for yourarticle

Section 2: Audience Analysis

Audience analysis to define who would read the article and why.

Section 3: Research Methods

Proposed approach to show how you will research your project

You will use only secondary sources or your own inspections in Weeks 5-6. You may mention the titles of sources you could decide to use. Don’t cite them now because you won’t discuss the ideas in those sources in this proposal.

Primary research, including interviews and surveys, can’t be used because there isn’t time to process the Institutional Review Bureau’sinformed consents and other paperwork that the Federal Government requires for academic research projects.

Section 4: Plan of Work

Plan of work to explain tasks involved in the research project with due dates presented in a chart or table

On one side of the chart, the headings are Weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6 because you are completing this chart as a WRTG 293 student. Use the due dates and project names for this course to show when you will complete the assignments.

Don’t tell a story about the research project by inventing characters who will work with you, etc. Just focus on completing this research report on time this semester by listing Weeks 3-6 due dates and tasks in a chart or table.

Section 5: Qualifications

Statement of qualifications to emphasize your educational and/or career skills

Use your own background with one exception. You can assume you have earned a master’s degree related to the topic you chose, even if you chose a topic based on your interests rather than your major or current career. Other qualifications might include an interest in the topic, a course you took that relates to it, work or community service experience, etc.

Section 6: Conclusion

Brief action close requesting approval to publish the article (your research report) and suggesting a way to move the project forward without offending the editor by assuming he has already given his approval


Illustrations are not required for this assignment. If they are included, the illustrations must be formatted, positioned, and sized correctly so that they supplement the textual information without distracting the reader. Credit must be given to the sources for all illustrations unless you develop your own.

Don’t use multiple attachments. Only one attachment will be opened and returned to you.

Don't copy and paste the assignment into the comments box.

Use one Microsoft Word attachment or an attachment of another compatible software program that I can open with my Microsoft Word program (.doc, .docx, or .rtf).


150 Points: 15% of Final Grade




10 points

Section 1: Introduction

25 points

Section 2: Audience Analysis

25 points

Section 3: Research Methods

25 points

Section 4: Plan of Work

10 points

Section 5: Qualifications

10 points

Section 6: Conclusion

10 points


25 points

Professional Writing Style with Correct Formatting

10 points

150 points

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UMUC Wrtg293 Research Report Proposal

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