exposition (presentation of characters, conflict

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You are to write a 4-5 pages essay in which you analyze the changing consciousness of the main character, Reyna, in Grande's memoir, The Distance Between Us. Choose any 3-chapter section of the memoir as your focus. Specifically, as part of your analysis, mention the theme(s), the dramatic elements of the section, and the figurative language. Show how they all work together to reinforce the theme(s) of the 3 chapters.

Dramatic Structure: (all of these may not apply):

1. exposition (presentation of characters, conflict

2. rising action

3. turning point

4. more rising action

5. climax

6. falling action

7. denouement (resolution of conflict)

Themes: abandonment, identity, struggle to survie, etc.

Double-space all text, use a size 12 font for your text, and include at least 3 in-text quotations to support your analysis.

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  1. exposition (presentation of characters, conflict

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