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Please label your answers according to the sections listed below. Please read all of the
directions below before beginning the test. I want to see the knowledge you have
gained during this class.

Part I.
Short Answer
Editing. Correct the following sentences and follow the directions for each section.
Correct each error below. (4 points total)
1. Amys house is down the street from us.
2. The innovative shoe fastener was inspired by the designers young son.
3. Sue worked overtime to increase her families earnings.
4 .Patience and humor are key tools in a travelers survival kit.

The following sentences contain errors of agreement. Correct each
sentence. You should identify the noun or pronoun and its antecedent first. Then you
can more easily correct the agreement error. (4 points total)
1. Someone left their iPad at the party.
2. The professor locked their keys in the car.
3. Last night someone forgot to pick up their dirty socks off the floor.
4. To each their own.

In this paragraph the punctuation has been removed. Add the correct
punctuation. Be sure to also correct capitalization, other punctuation errors, spelling and
grammar errors. HInts: 1. There are thirty errors (this includes all types of errors). 2. Do
not capitalize “constellation.

at the lowell observatory in flagstaff arizona on febuary 18 1929 an astronomer
named clyde Tombaugh coudnt believe what he was seeing through an eyepiece on a machine called a blink comparator tombaugh examined to fotos of the gemini constellation each showed the same glimmering stars but the pictures wer not identical the second fotograf was taken a week after the first and during that time something had changd the astronomer saw that a tiny beacon of light a mere pinprick was in a different place in the second fotograf than it had ben in the first

Part II: Citing Sources in the Works Cited Page

Directions: Below there are four different kinds of sources listed. All of the information
that is required for each kind of source is included. You will put the information for each
source in the correct order using the MLA format. You may use the MLA format
handbook, the sections on the MLA in either textbook or the MLA guide on the HCC
library website. I discourage you from using the automated feature on your computer or
on a website because these can create errors in your sources. Notice that I did not
include quotes or italics for titles. You must add these.

Book title: Lessons in Disaster: McGeorge Bundy and the Path to War in Vietnam
Author: Gordon M. Goldstein
Publisher: Holt
City: New York
Year published: 2008

Article in a magazine:
Article title: Land of the Surfing Hippos
Magazine: National Geographic
Author: Michael J. Fay. Publication date: August 2004
Page numbers: 100 - 105

Journal Article found in a database:
Article title: Body and Soul: Bob Kaufman's Golden Sardine.
Journal: African American Review.
Author: T. J. Anderson.
Publication date: 2000.
Access date: April 2008.
Page numbers: 329-346.
Database: Academic Search Complete.
Journal number: 34.2.

Work in an Anthology:

Essay title: I Want a Wife
Author: Judy Brady
Anthology title: Current Issues and Enduring Questions
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin?s
City: Boston
Year published: 2008
Editors: Sylvan Barnet and Hugo Bedau
Pages: 977-979

Part II.
The Writing Process.

Describe the Writing Process. You may present your answer in any format: essay,
outline, list. Be sure to convey everything you know about the Writing Process. Explain
each step in the writing process using your own words. I want your answer to be
complete, but it doesn?t necessarily need to be lengthy or written in a paragraph format.

Part III. Argumentative Essay:

Directions: Choose one of the topics below and write a fully-developed argumentative
essay in support of the issue you choose. Be sure you do some prewriting first. This
will help you to generate your ideas and get them in some kind of order before you
begin writing your answer. You do not need to consult or cite sources for this essay. I
want to be clear on this point: Do not access any sources (including the Internet) to look
for information on the topic you choose. I want you to develop your own ideas and
points to argue.

Essay Topic Choices:

1. Should the federal tax on gasoline be raised significantly to help pay for public
transportation and road improvements? Opponents argue that significantly higher gas
taxes will hurt business by raising costs and will decrease the freedom of mobility of the
general public. Proponents say that we need the additional revenues to finance public
works projects and that U. S. citizens pay less for gasoline than do citizens in other
industrialized nations. Take a position on whether gasoline taxes should be raised and
write an argumentative essay.
2. Should Texas pass a law requiring manufacturers to reduce the amount of packaging
materials on products sold in the state? Proponents argue that much packaging is
wasteful; it uses up resources and contributes to our waste disposal problems. Others
say that a law like this would raise costs to Texas consumers if it does not apply
nationwide and that consumers are used to packaging as it is. Take a position on
requiring reduced packaging on products sold in Texas and write an argumentative
3. Should high school athletes be tested for steroids? The Texas State Legislature has
already passed this legislation; however, you may still argue against this issue.
Proponents argue that testing for steroids protects young people from the dangers of
steroids. Opponents argue that it is a privacy issue. Take a position for one side of this
issue and write an argumentative essay supporting your points.
4. Should college-educated professional women permanently stay out of the workforce
after they have children? First, notice I use the word “permanently.” I think this is an
issue we don?t discuss enough and it has many interesting points. Proponents who
support professional women staying home permanently say that their families,
especially their children, benefit. Opponents say that women should come back into the
workforce after their children reach school age because industry needs their knowledge,
their perspective on different issues, and their passion and commitment. (These
opponents are not saying that men don?t also offer these same qualities, but businesses
and the economy benefit from having a balanced approach where men and women are
executives and leaders and work together, according to the opponents.)

Essay Requirements: Be sure to include the following:

•Fully-developed essay that includes a brief introduction, body paragraphs, and a
•Thesis statement placed at the end of the introduction.
•Topic sentences, within each body paragraph, that support the thesis statement.
•Acknowledgement of the other side of your issue.
•Clear and rational reasons that support your side of the issue.
•Transitional words and sentences.
• Clearly developed organization.
•350-500 words. At the end of the paper, write in the word count. (In the top horizontal
tool bar, click on Tools. Then click on Word Count.)
•Double space your answer.

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