Devry SCI228 2019 MAY Week 6 Assignment Latest
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Devry SCI228 2019 MAY Week 6 Assignment Latest

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SCI228 Nutrition, Health & Wellness w/Lab

Week 6 Assignment   


During week 2, your professor assigned the creation of a Digital Study Guide. The study guide must include 5-8 major concepts introduced in the earlier weeks. You might choose concepts that you found the most interesting. Or, you might choose the concepts that presented a challenge for you to understand. Or you might choose concepts according to a theme you selected. Or, you might create some clever, creative scheme to present 5-8 concepts that appeared in the chapters reviewed so far in our course.

To complete the Digital Study Guide, your completed guide must be a multimedia piece or some other downloadable audio/visual piece of content. Use your creativity.

Please review the Digital Study Guide Overview in Introduction and Resources for details.

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    Devry SCI228 2019 MAY Week 6 Assignment Latest

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