PSY380 2020 JULY Module 3 Discussion Latest

PSY380 2020 JULY Module 3 Discussion Latest

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Module 3 Discussion

A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts. No, really.

Discussions are an opportunity for you to practice clearly and effectively communicating your ideas, interact with and respectfully challenge your peers, and support your writing with examples and scholarly resources as appropriate.

As described in your text, there has recently been a flurry of technological advances involving brain-computer interfaces (i.e., direct communication between a computer and the brain - usually via an array of electrodes placed in the brain), such as those discussed in the Chapter 8 case study of "Belle: The Monkey That Controlled a Robot With Her Mind".

For this assignment, you'll watch a TED Talk that explores the use of robots to gain motor function, and think about how this applies to our topics this week.

Successful completion of this activity meets Module Outcome 4.

Watch the TED Talk by Miguel Nicolelis - A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts. No, really.  (Links to an external site.) [Video file: 14:55 mins].  Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.)

Now, thoughtfully answer the following questions, thinking about the current views regarding primary motor cortex function and the evidence upon which it's based.

What were your thoughts about the TED Talk?  What did you learn that surprised or interested you the most?

What sorts of brain-computer interfaces do you envision for the future?  What types of ethical problems might arise due to this and how can they be solved? As part of your answer, explain the role of different sensorimotor structures and functions.


Testing a BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) developed by Health and Quality of life Unit researchers, FIK technology research program for aged and disabled people. Fatronik-Tecnalia, Research and Technology Center, Donostia, Basque Country, Spain. [Photo]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

Consult Discussion Criteria and the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. This is a “post first” discussion forum. You must submit your initial post before you can view other students’ posts.


This discussion will be graded using the discussion board rubric. Please review this rubric, located on the Rubrics page within the Start Here module of the course, prior to beginning your work to ensure your participation meets the criteria in place for this discussion. All discussions combined are worth 35% of your final course grade.

Keep the following points in mind when working in the discussion forums:

Postings should display originality in thought and insightful synthesis.

Postings should demonstrate understanding of key concepts.

Responses should be original and stimulate discussion.

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