HSC316 2020 JULY Module 7 Discussion Latest

HSC316 2020 JULY Module 7 Discussion Latest

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Module 7 Discussion

Personal Control versus Learned Helplessness


Becoming a ‘patient’ in any health care setting results in being asked personal questions from strangers and having to make choices concerning things you have little-to-no expertise in, causing you to rely on health care professionals for ideas and advice. Even the heartiest of us experience a feeling of helplessness or loss of control and a forced reliance on others…

Watch the short video on “Personal Control” and study the Rotter chart in the Module Notes.

As you watch this Khan Academy (2014) video reflect on how each of these states of control and loss of control would feel in a health related scenario for someone who suffers from chronic illness and/or chronic pain.

Personal Control (locus of control, learned helplessness, and the tyranny of choice) (Links to an external site.)

. [Video file, 6:37 minutes] YouTube.

Part 1:  discuss the first question without completing all of your readings.

Discuss with your classmates how each topic (personal control, learned helplessness, and tyranny of choice) in the video translates to an individual receiving medical care for a chronic condition. Give examples from your own experiences.

Part 2: Based on what you learned this week, explore the following questions:

Discuss the benefits of self-care, physical activity, and treatment compliance for individuals with chronic illness and chronic pain (based on what you have learned).

Examine the resilience model (Figure 12-8) and discuss which positive coping strategies (resilience) can best be implemented by individuals with internal HLOC and individuals with external LOC. How could chronic illness and chronic pain hinder their ability to be resilient?

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