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Module 3 Discussion

Making Changes

Part 1: Introduce your client

This is your opportunity to build your case study for M7A1. Start by giving your client a name. Next, provide demographics such as age, gender, race and/or ethnicity as well as  information regarding current lifestyle, marital status, employment, etc.  Last, choose one of the following health-related behavioral issues that your fictional client wishes to change and provide brief background information on triggers, cause, etc:



dealing with toxic stress,





high cholesterol,

sedentary lifestyle,

drinking too much alcohol,

use of recreational drugs

Part 2: apply what you’ve learned from the readings and videos to your individual client.

Now that you have introduced your scenario to the class, explore the following concepts as they might apply to your client:

Discuss how you would assess your client’s readiness to change, or stage of change?

Identify at what level of change your client is currently at.  

Choose two of the layers of the ecological model. Discuss how they might impact your client.

Describe your client’s self-efficacy and locus of control. How might these factors impact your client’s goals?

Which behavior-change models would be most effective for your client? Why?


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