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Module 1 Discussion

Behavior and Health

Part 1: Share an experience

Reflect upon your life and choose a behavioral decision that you made that has had a positive influence on your health. Discuss with the class what influences (such as culture, diversity, and/or health promotional beliefs) assisted or challenged your decision.

Part 2: Now applying what you’ve learned from the readings and videos.

Review the data in Table 1-2 in your textbook “Top 10 Causes of Death in the United States, 1900 and 2010”,  as well as Figure 7 -3 and 7- 4.

 What do you think might explain the changes seen between 1900 and the present?

What are two behaviors that you think have the greatest impact on health? Explain your choice to your peers.

Why does socio-economic status have such a strong influence on these health issues?

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