Discuss, while protecting confidentiality

Discuss, while protecting confidentiality

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Codependency and Substance Abuse

For this discussion, address the following:

· Discuss, while protecting confidentiality, a case example of codependency, dual diagnosis, addiction, or substance abuse you have encountered during your clinical field experience. (If you have not had experience with such a case, hypothesize about how you might handle one.)

· Utilizing information from the course readings or other articles you have located in the professional literature, describe the approach you used for working with these presenting issues. How did you determine that this would be the most effective approach to use? Give an example of at least one specific intervention you used, and describe the impact this intervention had on the client.

· Discuss the personal reactions or feelings you had when working with this client. Discuss methods you used to address any countertransference (such as discussion with your site supervisor).


· Read Crane, Schlauch and Easton's 2015 article, "Dual Diagnosis Among Veterans in the United States," from Advances in Dual Diagnosis, volume 8, issue 1, pages 4–17.

· Read Koehn and Cutliffe's 2012 article, "Inspiration of Hope in Substance Abuse Counseling," from the Journal of Humanistic Counseling, volume 51, issue 1, pages 78–98.

· Read Lietz and Hodges's 2013 article, "Incorporating Spirituality Into Substance Abuse Counseling: Examining the Perspectives of Service Recipients and Providers," from Journal of Social Science Research, volume 39, issue 4, pages 498–510.

Weekly Group Supervision Meeting: Discussion Preparation

For this week's group supervision, be prepared to discuss the concept of codependency. Do you believe it to be a helpful concept or one that blames the victim? Does your interpretation vary according to the circumstances of the case?

· Explore the Web site of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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