Franu PSY3340 Semester-Long Team Project – Individual Assignment

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Semester-Long Team Project – Individual Assignment

Group Dynamics of Your Team

Each of you, individually, will analyze the group dynamics of your team by answering the following questions.  By the end of the semester, your team will have put a lot of work into writing your team paper and producing the video. You will analyze the group dynamics of your team in this individual assignment by responding to the questions below.

Ten per cent of your final grade will be based on your individual answers to these 15 group dynamics questions.  You may type your responses directly into the boxes provided. Please answer using concepts and terms that were covered in the class. I am looking for very complete and persuasive answers. Concerning grading, please refer to the Grading Rubric for Writing Assignments posted on Moodle.

Describe the extent to which your personal contributions to the team were task-oriented or relationship-oriented.

Describe how interdependent your team members were.

How cohesive was your team as a group?  Have there been any changes in your team’s cohesiveness as the semester progressed?  Describe what made your team cohesive (or not cohesive).

Describe the structure of your group, paying particular attention to the norms and roles that developed.  Did any members of your group violate any norms?

Describe how your group developed along Tuckman's (1965) stages: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. If any stages were not present, try to provide an explanation for this absence.

Describe the sense of inclusion you felt as a member of this group?  Did this change over time?

Describe any changes in your social identity over time as a member of this group.

Describe how you feel about the other team(s) in the class and how this affected your contribution to the team and to the class as whole.

Give some examples of how you relied on the members of your team when you were confused about some aspects of the team project.

Describe an instance when you were influenced by the other members of your group.  Describe an instance where you influenced them.

Describe some ways that tasks were delegated within your team.

Did you feel as if any social loafing occurred in your group?  If so, don’t give any names, but give a specific example.

Did your group display any instances or elements of groupthink?  If so, were any actions taken to prevent it?

Did your group have a leader?  If so, how would you describe the leader’s style of leadership?

 Did members of your group experience any conflict?  If so, describe the nature of the conflict and how it was managed.


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