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Discussion, research a rulemaking published in the Federal ter

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For this discussion, research a rulemaking published in the Federal ter by the FAA and determine how that rulemaking is related to or affected by the associated ICAO SARPs. After researching a topic, write a synopsis of 200 to 300 words of the rulemaking. Include the rulemaking’s current status and how the FAA adopted (or didn’t adopt) the applicable SARPS. Be sure to include references when applicable.

Follow this guidance for your research:

  • Go to the Federal ter (Links to an external site.) website.
  • Enter “SARPS FAA” in the “Search Documents” box. You should get nearly one hundred hits.
  • Choose a subject that interests you, open the rulemaking document, and look for references concerning SARPS compliance. (If you download the printed PDF version, you can search the document.) 
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