Franu PSYC3340 Week 4 Individual Assignment Part 1: Norm Violation

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Assignment Part 1: Norm Violation

Work on this assignment by yourself.  Please click here to see the Grading Rubric for Module Writing Assignments.

Your task is to intentionally violate an accepted norm in a group that you belong to.  This group can be a group that you have close relations with, a group of acquaintances, or even a collective of strangers.  But, when you do this norm violation, you must do it in the presence of the other people in this group and they must see you do it.  Also, you are not permitted to warn them beforehand. However, you should probably explain to them after you observe their reactions that you were purposely violating a group norm for a class project. Hopefully you'll all be able to laugh about it afterwards.

For example, you might wear very non-normative clothes to class or dinner with friends.  You might begin to eat your meal in front of people while standing, or respond to a question with a nursery rhyme.  You might greet people or return others’ greetings in a different language or with random hand gestures.  You might argue a point with other people who all disagree with your point.  You might ride in a elevator with your back to the door, and even start a conversation with the others in the elevator. Try to be creative, but be sure to do this in a way that is safe and that won’t get you in trouble (For example, disrupting a class, breaking the law, or saying hateful or prejudiced things would definitely be bad ideas). 

Once you've broken the norm and observed others' reactions, you can explain to them what you were doing. However, be sure to break the norm enough or long enough to elicit a reaction from others.

  1. Describe the norm you chose and how you plan to violate it.
  2. Just before you violate the norm, record your thoughts about your expectations, emotions, etc. on paper.
  3. As soon as you can after you’ve violated the norm, record how you felt as you were doing it and soon after.  What were other people’s reactions?
  4. Did you feel great pressure to stop doing what you were doing, or did it feel fun and liberating?  Why do you think you felt this way?
  5. After completing this exercise, what are some of your thoughts about the importance of social norms?


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