Analyze TBWA Marketing Company

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Analyze TBWA Marketing Company;

The type of work that they do (give examples) and who they do it for. (300 words)


Note: for this you can say that TBWA have done so many work for word class client such as Singapore Airline ( Talk a little bit about this campaign.


After you can say that not only they work with world class client, TBWA also work with Government sector; the tourism board ( to promote the attraction (culture and lifestyle) in Singapore.


End the portion which says that TBWA tries to bring out the client best feature and show it in the work they do for their client.


How they charge for their services (300 words)

Notes: Say that TBWA charge their client by Retainer–based pricing. Please go read up and explain what retrainer based pricing is and the pros and cons of retainer-based pricing..



Recommendations ( 300 words)

Notes: say that TBWA is doing very well in the Singapore market as they have won many awards ( and have gain huge recognistion from the audience through their work.


However; TBWA should be a bit more engaging with their audience and potential client.

Although they have a good understanding for the local market need, they should try to develop new collaborative approach to keep their content interesting

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