Goals, Context, And Mechanics Analytical Breakdown

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Goals, Context, And Mechanics Analytical Breakdown

pick organization/individual yourself


From part one of the content development project, focus only on the goals, context, and mechanics analytical breakdown. For your convenience, I have copy and pasted these sections below.


  • What is the goal/mission/cause of the organization/individual?
    • What are the goals of the content? Drive conversations? Create community? Etc.
    • How do the content goals relate to the overall organizational goals?
    • How is success defined by the organization? Does success mean gaining followers? Having fun managing an account? Promoting a cause? Etc.


  • Describe the organization’s/individual’s context:
    • What internal or external relationships affect their content and content strategy?
    • What type of financial support do they have? Do they have the backing of a large company or a single person business?
    • What type of employees do they have? How do they define their relationship with their employees?
    • Do they have partnerships with corporations or other businesses?
    • What is their industry? How are they situated within that industry?


What modes are they using on their platforms?

  • How often is content created?
    • For social media, do an analysis of at least a month’s worth of posts: how often is content posted across platforms?
    • What is the significance of this?
  • When is content created and shared?
  • What is the media of the content? (video, images, text, etc)
  • What are all the elements of the content? What type of genre is being used? Are they sharing a narrative or promoting a product? A single post might include multiple media and elements.
  • Why have they chosen the media of their content?
  • What are they trying to accomplish through the strategy of their content that’s shown in this section?
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