Discussion - Definitions And Principles Of Power

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Discussion Question: Definitions And Principles Of Power

Unit 1: Definitions and Principles of Power
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Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  1. categorize power relations as positive sum, zero sum, and negative sum;
  2. recognize the “three faces of power”;
  3. identify the close relationship between power and freedom;
  4. compare influence as a quasi-form of power to other forms of power;
  5. recognize power as an instrument versus as an end; and
  6. assess the influence of historical and mythical precedents to power.



Positive-, Zero-, and Negative-Sum Power Relations

Give examples from the last month or so where you participated in a positive-sum, a zero-sum, and a negative-sum power relation.  Describe what motivated you to participate in a negative-sum or a zero-sum relation?  Are there factors other than “power” that we should be considering?

Resources & Readings


  1. Boulding, K. E. (1989). The nature of power. In K. E. Boulding, Three faces of power (pp. 15-34). Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.
  2. Other research information
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  1. Discussion - Definitions And Principles Of Power

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