Research the economic effects of natural disasters

Research the economic effects of natural disasters

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Research the economic effects of natural disasters. You can research the economic effects of large localized events or the more general natural disasters in general. Some types to focus on: floods, earthquakes, tornados, drought, sunamis, hurricanes, or wildfires. It is likely that you can find studies that focus on one particular natural disaster as a whole or the more general study of natural disasters as a whole.

Goal is to find the RELEVANT information using Economic Journal articles and then evaluate those in relation to published news articles or video news. 

Research your chosen issue. Find three articles that discuss this issue. One can be a video or popular press article, but the other two must be a journal article from an ECONOMIC JOURNAL.

•In a minimum of 500 words, summarize your findings on this issue.

Make sure to focus on how the popular press information agrees (or disagrees) with the journal article information

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  1. Research the economic effects of natural disasters

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