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Anatomy and Physiology II - Writing Assignment

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Anatomy and Physiology II

Writing Assignment: Disease Research Paper

Due: June 29, 2019 

Description: Student will conduct scientific literature research and write a 4-page paper on a human disease or disorder of choice. The 4 pages do not include the title or the reference page. The disorder must be thoroughly identified and pertain to an organ system being studied in this Human Anatomy and Physiology II only. If your human disease or disorder does not cover one of the organ systems discussed in Human Anatomy II, you will receive -10 points for not following directions. In order to prevent yourself from receiving the penalty, you must utilize your projected learning schedule and your textbook. Review the chapters that will be covered this semester to determine what human disease or disorder that you find interesting in this course. You do not have to contact me to inform me about your topic.


1. You must use a total of four sources. You can utilize your textbook, but you must use three other sources for this research paper. Which will give you a total of four sources. If you don’t use four sources for your paper, you will receive a -5 points deduction. Please keep in mind that Wikipedia cannot be used for this research paper.

2. You must submit your paper in a word document. If you submit your paper in any other text and I can’t open it, you will not receive another opportunity to submit your work. The grade will be a zero for the entire research paper.

3. You must have a title page that includes your name, the date, the course’s name, the title of your project (your choice), and a picture of some sort that relates to your disease or disorder. This information should be in the center of the page. If you don’t follow directions for the title page, you will receive -5 point deduction.

4. Your paper should follow APA format for the body of the paper and for the separate References Cited Page. The reference cited page should be at the end of the paper. Please make sure that if you are unfamiliar with APA format, please use resources to help you understand the format. If you need assistance, you may use the citation machine site to assist you in constructing the reference cited page. Plagiarism, as discussed in the syllabus, will result in an automatic ZERO for the paper and referral to the ATC disciplinary committee as outlined in the college catalogue.

5. Carefully follow and complete the format for the paper. This paper should be written in Times New Roman Font. The font size should be 12. This paper may be double spaced. The title page and the reference cited page should all be bolded. The body (the text) of your research paper should not be bolded. No pictures are to be included in the body of the research paper. The only picture that should be presented in the research paper should be the one on the title page. If you don’t follow the forma directions, you will receive -5 points for the overall paper. Any extra pictures found throughout the body of the research paper a -3 points per picture will be taken off the overall grade of the research paper.

6. Review the grading rubric before, during and after the development of your final draft. The primary purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of a disease or disorder that involves the organ systems in the human body discussed in Anatomy and Physiology II.

Also, the goals of this project are reflected in the grading rubric, so be sure that you have met your instructor’s expectations. If the expectations are met regarding the rubric, you will receive the maximum points. If the expectations have not been met, you will receive the possible number of points for what you have completed.

7. The dropbox for the research paper will open on May 27, 2019 at 12 am. You will have until June 29, 2019 at 11:59 pm to submit your paper.

8. No Late papers will be accepted. If your paper is not submitted before or at that time, you will receive a grade of zero for the research paper.

Content Guidelines:

The paper must be a total of 6 pages. You will have a title page (1 page and including the picture on the page), the body (4 pages), and the reference cited page (1 page).

This paper must be double spaced throughout the entire document.

Cover Page (1 page): Must have your name, date, course’s name, and the title of your research paper. Also, the cover page must contain a picture that has some relation to the human disease or disorder of interest.

Body (4 pages):

-Briefly introduce your topic and explain WHY the topic is important or interesting to YOU? WHY should it be of interest or importance to the reader?

-Identify the organ system of interest that the disease or disorder occurs in the human body.

-Cause of the disease, and its effect on the human body. Please make sure you mention how this disorder or disease affects the function of the organ system

-Detection: What are the symptoms? How is it detected and diagnosed?

-Treatment/Therapies: Is there a cure? What is the prescribed treatment?

-Current Status/Emerging Issues: Discuss some of the latest advancements

and/or discoveries about the disease. What does the future hold?

The body of the paper should reflect a clear understanding of these subjects written in your own words. No headings or subheadings are allowed within the body of the paper. (-5 points penalty)

-Conclusion should be presented at the end of the body. Your conclusion should be in your own words, explain your reaction to the information you learned from your research. Do NOT just restate your discussion or facts from the paper. Your conclusion should be personal, based on what your learned while researching this paper.

References: This should be on a separate page and does not count toward the 4 pages of writing required. You must use APA format for these references. Your reference list should include your required sources. If you do not use the number of sources required along with the textbook, you will receive a -5 points penalty. If you wish to use more than the required number of sources, you are at liberty to do so on this research paper. However, you are required to cite the information in the reference cited page.

Errors in the paper will be applied to the overall grade. All errors (2-points each) that occurs in the document will be applied to the overall grade. These errors include but are not limited to grammar, formatting errors, sentence structure, misspelled words and punctuation errors. Check work to avoid penalties.

Students this is a great opportunity to utilize the library. The library has wonderful resources for you to use to complete this interesting topic. Think outside the box! You can do it. You have plenty of time to organize your ideas. Get started and see it through from beginning to end. In the future, I will give you reminders regarding the research paper.

Let’s be proactive. Let’s stay positive. Let’s learn a little bit how organ system structures can determine the outcome of organ system functions.

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Anatomy and Physiology II - Writing Assignment

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