Liberty CCOU 201 Exam 3 - Post-partum depression occurs in what percentage

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CCOU 201 Exam 3: Liberty University / Liberty University CCOU 201 Exam 3 (Latest)


·         Question 1


Post-partum depression occurs in what percentage of all deliveries?

·         Question 2


According to the course text, which of the following is not one of the elements included in an “ABC” diary?

·         Question 3


Depression may result in either weight gain OR weight loss:

·         Question 4


What is the most frequently diagnosed adult psychiatric disorder in the U.S.?

·         Question 5


Speaking the truth is one characteristic Jesus demonstrated in His care-giving ministry.     Speaking the truth did not cause Jesus trouble, but instead it always seemed to draw people to himself.

·         Question 6


Which of the following is not a primary emotion?

·         Question 7


According to the course text, which of the following emotions is most likely to be mislabeled?

·         Question 8


The repression of anger is characteristic in which of the following anger styles?

·         Question 9


Which of the following is known as the “common cold of emotional disorders” according to the course text?

·         Question 10


When treating bipolar disorder, pharmacological interventions or medications are secondary to psychosocial treatments.

·         Question 11


The biblical foundations for the Christian caregiver, as presented by Dr. Hawkins, do not define counselor skills and techniques but include an admonition to do the following:

·         Question 12


Healthy anger involves which of the following?

·         Question 13


Michelle orders a meal from a fast food restaurant, but the service is slow, and the cashier speaks rudely to her. At first, Michelle feels indignant, but then she asks herself, “Is his rude treatment a statement about me or is it really a reflection of him?”  Michelle felt less upset as she recognized that the cashier’s behavior was not a statement about who she was. Michelle’s shift in perspective corrected which form of faulty thinking?

·         Question 14


As a care-giver seeking to imitate Jesus, according to Dr. Hawkins, our primary and consuming passion should be

·         Question 15


What is the third step for dealing with anger according to the course text?

·         Question 16


Sleep related symptom(s) of depression include:

·         Question 17


Billy receives an ‘A’ on his test in school, but feels that he should have done better. He is quite angry with himself for having done so poorly. When things go less than perfectly, Billy tends to see them as ruined, and he tends to be very divided in his likes and dislikes. Which cognitive distortion does Billy most likely struggle with?

·         Question 18


Physiologically, anger produces which of the following in our bodies?

·         Question 19


According to the text, brain deficiencies in the regulation of all of the following neurochemicals contribute to depression EXCEPT:

·         Question 20


Dr. Hawkins explains that in Jesus’ preparation for His ministry, He grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God. Spiritual growth and maturity, therefore, is a foundational element to our development as a counselor. According to the lecture, which of the following lead us to spiritual growth and maturity:

·         Question 21


According to the course text, which Greek word describes anger as “a turbulent commotion or a boiling agitation of feelings”?

·         Question 22


According to the text, different mood manifestations occur for a child or adolescent and adult in a major depressive episode. While an adult with a depressed mood for at least two weeks is characteristic of an episode, an adolescent may consistently manifest a __________ mood for at least two weeks.

·         Question 23


After pouring her cereal for breakfast, Sarah realized that she was out of milk. She is devastated by the oversight, and has difficulty getting ready that morning due to her disappointment over the cereal. Sarah’s response to her dilemma may be considered as which cognitive fallacy:

·         Question 24


According to Dr. Hawkins, Jesus’ foundation for being our Wonderful Counselor included:

·         Question 25


Which of the following has been recognized to be an effective psychosocial treatment for major depressive disorder?

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