Liberty CCOU 201 Exam 2 - Dr. Hawkins described the Five Stage Change

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CCOU 201 Exam 2: Liberty University / Liberty University CCOU 201 Exam 2 (Latest)


  Question 1


Dr. Hawkins described the Five Stage Change Process developed in research by Prochaska. Correlating the barriers of change identified by Dr. Hawkins with Prochaska’s Five Stage Change Process introduces the understanding that a person with apathy or lack of motivation would be best linked with the characteristics of the “Preparation Stage”.

·         Question 2


The importance of a caregiving focus encouraging development of understanding of Biblical wisdom and direction is reinforced by understanding that both internal and external evidence validate the Bible as the Word of God.

·         Question 3


Helping others, according to Dr. Langberg, involves understanding that

·         Question 4


According to the course text, which of the following is a proposed correlate for Christians?

·         Question 5


According to the course text, much of Christian counseling is now done as a variant of what type of therapy? 

·         Question 6


According to the course text, which step comes after “Assessment” in the seven-step process of Christian counseling?  

·         Question 7


Consequences of “the Fall” include man becoming self-focused, sinful, and mortal; but it did not remove the image of God in man.

·         Question 8


Counselors maintain some ethical and legal responsibility for their clients only until the end of the counseling relationship. 

·         Question 9


Which type of love is passionate kind of love?

·         Question 10


Knowledge of God’s immutability and omniscience ensures we understand God is unchanging and all knowing.

·         Question 11


The Fruits of the Spirit are more accurate measures of a person’s identity in Christ than the possession of spiritual gifts.  

·         Question 12


Characteristics of the work of helping others, according to Dr. Langberg, include tears, silence, waiting, repetition, and ambiguity.

·         Question 13


True or False: According to the course text, all secular counseling theories present an incomplete picture of human nature because they emphasize either a basic goodness or a basic depravity in the human soul. 

·         Question 14


The Genesis Model of Intervention does NOT include which of the following? 

·         Question 15


According to Dr. Hawkins, spiritual gifts have a motivational purpose because they enable the believer to participate in ministry that impacts lives which provides an experience of joy in the use of these gifts.

·         Question 16


Understanding the doctrine of “Eschatology” can help to provide believers with a source of joy when they are enduring struggles, because this doctrine emphasizes that believers have a future secured by God.

·         Question 17


The Bible instructs in ___________ that human beings are unique because they are created by God and created in the likeness and image of God.

·         Question 18


According to the course text, as a Christian counselor, what should our first priority be?  

·         Question 19


In Christian counseling, the guiding principle is the Greatest Commandment, which is “the call upon us to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds, and strength, and to love other people as much as we love ourselves.”  Which verses give that commandment?  

·         Question 20


Who created the TFA model?  

·         Question 21


A caregiving emphasis on understanding the theology of _______________ would give priority to understanding that human beings are made in the image of God, yet apart from trust in Christ are spiritually dead and separated from God.

·         Question 22


Langberg described the person of the helper to be likened to a tool, and this illustration underscores that the work of a helper

·         Question 23


Caregiving that encourages a deeper understanding of God the Father and His character can effectively develop the counselee’s understanding of his or her personal significance and self-worth, as well as the value and dignity of others.

·         Question 24


How many synthesizing traits are in Competent Christian Counseling according to the course text?  

·         Question 25


Which of the following is not one of the three spirits discussed in Isaiah? 

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