Liberty CCOU 201 Exam 1 - We build empathy for clients with mental

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CCOU 201 Exam 1: Liberty University / Liberty University CCOU 201 Exam 1(Latest)

·         Question 1


We build empathy for clients with mental health issues when we consider the source of brokenness. Clinton identified that hurting individuals are often seeking to fill a sense of __________ as well as searching for meaning, purpose, and ____________.

·         Question 2


The Greek word for spiritual gifts is “charisma” and it comes from two root words “char” and “charis”, which mean:

·         Question 3


According to the lecture comparing Christian clinical or professional counseling to pastoral counseling, Sosin and Williams spoke consistently of a priority goal for both types of care. What statement below best describes that common goal?


·         Question 4


If a counselor’s spiritual gift is that of “Ruling”, he or she may

·         Question 5


Clinton estimated that one in ten people in a church congregation may be addicted to ____ .

·         Question 6


Examples of consequences of destructive faulty thinking include:

·         Question 7


“Shut down” questions reveal a helper’s attempt to



·         Question 8


Depression is a major mental health issue and Clinton estimated that 20 % of Americans will struggle with it at some point during their life. He also reports that the occurrence of depression in women is ____ times more likely when compared to men.

·         Question 9


The spiritual gift of teaching must be balanced with

·         Question 10


According to the text, what key concept about God's being does Christian counseling reflect?   

·         Question 11


Dr. Wilson instructed that the R in her “GROW” Model encourages an effective counselor to be Real and maintain congruence between internal attitudes and external behavior.

·         Question 12


Which of the following, according to Clinton, Ohlschlager, and Centore, is not one of the Chalcedonian patterns of logic that attempts to explain the relationship between theology and psychology?

·         Question 13


According to the text, "Christian counseling and pastoral care are grounded upon the centrality of healing relationships with both ____________ and ___________ dimensions."

·         Question 14


According to the course text, which of the following problems are often reoccurring problems in individuals who struggle with them? 

·         Question 15


Based on Wilson’s “GROW” Model being respectful as an effective helper involves

·         Question 16


Having emotional empathy for others may reflect the gift of

·         Question 17


According to Dr. Thurman, faulty thinking involves

·         Question 18


According to the course text, which of the following is not a common mistake made during counseling:

·         Question 19


Wilson emphasized that in session helpers effectively use self disclosure

·         Question 20


An individual who has the gift of prophecy/preaching:

·         Question 21


The price tag(s) for faulty thinking include:

·         Question 22


According to Sosin and Williams, which statement best describes the difference between clinical or professional counseling and pastoral counseling?

·         Question 23


True or False, it is important for a counselor to enter into each counseling session with the confidence that they are a counseling expert and that you know all of the techniques and steps to use with your clients. 

·         Question 24


Wilson stated that ____% of interpersonal communication is non-verbal or ________  __________

·         Question 25


Effective helpers, according to Wilson, enhance their effectiveness when they

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