Liberty COMS 101 Quiz 3 - When trying to influence listeners

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COMS 101 quiz 3: Liberty University / Liberty University COMS 101 Quiz 3


·         Question 1


When trying to influence listeners, it is easier to change their attitudes than their beliefs or values.

·         Question 2


Which aspect below was not discussed in the text as something you need to determine when you ask, “Who are my listeners?”

·         Question 3


____________ questions limit responses to several choices, yielding valuable information about such demographic factors a age, education, and income.

·         Question 4


The audience’s response to a topic is often determined by its interest level in the subject.

·         Question 5


A speaker should not assume that expertise in one area necessarily means expertise in others. This observation relates to what aspect of audience analysis?

·         Question 6


Deep-seated abstract judgments about what is important to us, what we consider worthwhile and desirable are ___________.

·         Question 7


Audience expectations are rarely defined for you by the speaking invitation.  

·         Question 8


A speaker must be inclusive to avoid unfairly categorizing or stereotyping members of the audience.

·         Question 9


Which of the following is an open-ended question?

·         Question 10


Which question is NOT a key question the text  indicates is essential in audience analysis?

·         Question 11


Questions to guide evaluation of a website’s accuracy include all but one of the following:

·         Question 12


A credible speaker is perceived as a/an _______________.

·         Question 13


An effective library search strategy moves you from the most specific information to be located in governmental sources to the very general information found in encyclopedias. 

·         Question 14


Message credibility is the extent to which a speaker is perceived as a competent spokesperson.

·         Question 15


Questions used to evaluate the criterion of ______________ include when the site was created, whether or not the material is recent, and when the website was updated.

·         Question 16


A website that is(has) ________________ is reliable and error-free.

·         Question 17


Which of the following is not a primary source?

·         Question 18


Supporting your message is one of your most important tasks as you develop your speech.

·         Question 19


If you decide to interview, make sure you contact the person in advance, prepare questions in advance, develop questions in a logical order, and:

·         Question 20


Facts can clarify a main point and indicate a speaker’s knowledge of the topic but they do not provide definition.

·         Question 21


A study by the University of Minnesota and the 3M Corporation found that speakers who integrate visuals into their talks are 60 percent more likely to persuade their audiences than speakers who rely solely on verbal images.

·         Question 22


Essential to ANY two-dimensional reproduction you might include as a presentational aid is:  

·         Question 23


If I want to give a speech on pricey Waterford crystal, and I bring several of the glasses I bought when in Ireland on my honeymoon, I am most likely violating which of the following general criteria for using presentational aids?     

·         Question 24


According to the text, __________ are the most realistic of the two-dimensional reproductions.

·         Question 25


A key advantage in using presentational aids in a speech is:

·         Question 26


If you wanted to display something that involved steps or stages, a ______________ would be most effective.

·         Question 27


Research has shown that three days after an event, people retain 10 percent of what they heard from an oral presentation, but they retain 35 percent of a visual presentation.

·         Question 28


Which of the following WAS NOT identified as one of the general criteria for using presentational aids?    

·         Question 29


Capitalized words on PowerPoint slides are helpful because they make the text even clearer and they make the message stand out.

·         Question 30


When using two-dimensional presentational aids, you want to ask yourself what its purpose is and if it will make the speech better.  This question relates to which criteria for using two-dimensional presentational aids?


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