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Question 1          What is secreted by the alveoli cells that prevent the lungs from collapsing between each breath by reducing surface tension?                                                                           

Question 2          A vasectomy is a medical procedure where the epididymis is cut and the ends are cauterized to prevent the passage of sperm within the male reproductive system.                                                              

Question 3          What type of cell produces hydrochloric acid within the gastric glands?                                                  

Question 4          Respiratory alkalosis can be caused by:                                                                 

Question 5          Which type of white blood cell is most numerous and typically increased with bacterial infection              

Question 6          The contraction of the heart follows which sequence?                                  

Question 7          The mouth allows for the processes of both chemical and mechanical digestion.                                               

Question 8          Which of the following statements is true of the nephrons?                                                                       

Question 9          The epididymis will allow:                                                                            

Question 10        Which of the following statements is true regarding the pathway of blood through the heart?

Question 11        If the breathing rate slowed and carbon dioxide levels increased within a body, the blood pH would

Question 12        Which of the following statements is true of fiber?                                         

Question 13        The extracellular fluid is about 1/3 of the overall body water content.                                    

Question 14        Which of the following statements is NOT a function of lipids in the human body?                           

Question 15        Hyponatremia is usually corrected by a decrease in antidiuretic hormone.                                           

Question 16        The majority of nutrient absorption occurs in which region of the digestive system?                       

Question 17        The role of the liver in the digestive system is to:                                             

Question 18        Embryonic develop consists of the three germ layers forming and ultimately developing into all of the organs of the body.                                       

Question 19        Which of the following statements is NOT true regarding lipid metabolism?                                        

Question 20        Which of these statements is NOT true regarding urethras?                                       

Question 21        Both hypernatremia and hyponatremia will lead to cardiac arrhythmias.                                                               

Question 22        The acrosome of a sperm:                                                                          

Question 23        Which of the following choices may indicate an infection if seen on a microscopic urine specimen observation?                                                                                    

Question 24        Which statement is true regarding the heart?                                                                                    

Question 25        The majority of chemical digestion occurs in which region of the digestion system?                         

Question 26        The parasympathetic system will stimulate the digestive system activity and function.                   

Question 27        If GFR increases, overall blood volume and blood pressure will decrease.                                                             

Question 28        The entire cardiac cycle is dependent upon the AV node generating the electrical impulse, which then “passes” to the SA node.                                                                                             

Question 29        Which of the following statements is true regarding someone with B blood type?                            

Question 30        Vitamins and minerals can be used as an energy source if needed to be.                                                              

Question 31        Which of the following statements is true of the dilation phase of delivery?                                        

Question 32        Healthy urine is mostly composed of:                                                                                                    

Question 33        The uterine is regulated directly by follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone.            

Question 34        Which of the following is true about the breathing process?                                       

Question 35        The gallbladder’s role within the digestive system is to:                                

Question 36        The internal and external urethral sphincters are both composed of skeletal muscle and under conscious control.                                                               

Question 37        Chemical digestion of proteins begins in which region of the digestive system?                                 

Question 38        Which hormone has the most powerful effect on water reabsorption in the collecting ducts?    

Question 39        Tubular secretion of the urine formation allows for larger substances, such as drugs, to be excreted from the body.                                                                           

Question 40        Which of the following is a benefit to the inflammatory process?                                                                             

Question 41        Luteinizing hormone within a male reproductive system directly influences testosterone productio

Question 42 Which of the following statements is true about carbohydrates?                                                    

Question 43        The vagina’s acidic pH is helpful for sperm to produce energy and be motile.                                      

Question 44        Capacitation must occur first for the acrosomal reaction to occur.                                                             

Question 45        Which factor does NOT influence stroke volume?                                                                                            

Question 46        Which of the following choices is synthesized by the stomach?                                                                 

Question 47        Which region of the small intestine is the shortest and receives the chyme, bile, and pancreatic juices?                                                                                 

Question 48        Metabolic acidosis can occur from ingesting too many basic substances or from chronic vomiting stomach contents.                                                                                            

Question 49        Electrolyte solutes concentration can influence water movement and water content within cells              

Question 50        Which is true regarding the small and large intestine?                                    



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