Liberty CCOU 202 Exam 4 - Counseling is more of a ministry

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CCOU 202 Exam 4: Liberty University / Liberty University CCOU 202 Exam 4(Latest)


·         Question 1


Counseling is more of a ministry, calling, and profession than it is a business.

·         Question 2


Most researchers are enthusiastic and positive toward research.

·         Question 3


For a counselor to be considered multi-culturally competent, he or she must demonstrate:

·         Question 4


“Thinking globally, acting locally” describes which of the following terms.

·         Question 5


A counselor should only seek support and counsel from within the church.

·         Question 6


What is the name of the treatment given to treat childhood bipolar disorder?

·         Question 7


There are several considerations to be made for a therapist before he should prescribe medication for a child. Which is not one of them?

·         Question 8


Which ethnicity is least likely to terminate counseling after the first session?

·         Question 9


Helping or care-giving by nonprofessional or paraprofessional helpers with limited or no training in counseling skills describers what kind of profession?

·         Question 10


What are many caregivers commonly experiencing when helping people?

·         Question 11


The method of acquiring knowledge is

·         Question 12


CCC stands for:

·         Question 13


Psychosocial issues for African Americans include, but are not limited to: reverse discrimination, respect for tradition, culture assimilation, and family values.

·         Question 14


Working out differences within a group allows for growth to occur.

·         Question 15


The most appropriate intervention to give a person in crisis is:

·         Question 16


When should you make an appropriate referral?

·         Question 17


Change is a source of stress.

·         Question 18


A person demonstrating high emotions, denial, irrationality, and atypical behavior can describe which of the following:

·         Question 19


In the Wagon Wheel Model, the leader is the central helper.

·         Question 20


Which theory helps to explain why some people are more difficult than others?

·         Question 21


Which of the following is not a subgroup of difficult people?

·         Question 22


Never seeing a member of the opposite sex in a counseling setting is an example of which of the following?

·         Question 23


The following is not a model of lay helping.

·         Question 24


When opening up a private practice, which question(s) should the counselor consider asking?

·         Question 25


The four phases of crisis are impact, withdrawal/confusion, adjustment, and reconstruction/reconciliation.

·         Question 26


A sense of personal identity is generally established in ____.

·         Question 27


The temporary loss of coping ability and perception that emotions are dysfunctional is an example of:

·         Question 28


A counselor should be available to meet with or talk to a counselee at all times.

·         Question 29


Which of the following is not a goal of the scientific method?

·         Question 30


People within the five subgroups of difficult people do not see anything wrong with them.

·         Question 31


A counselor should directly talk to a homicidal client.

·         Question 32


Lay counselors typically provide long-term services.

·         Question 33


Nonrelatives have every right to access their minor child’s records from their counselor.

·         Question 34


According to Dr. Siang-Yang Tan, the most appropriate gift a lay helper can have is prophecy.

·         Question 35


The fear of losing a job for failing to meet expectations is

·         Question 36


Which of the following is not a fundamental view of self:

·         Question 37


Which of the following are ways that adolescents handle their struggles?

·         Question 38


A person who approaches a situation with great amounts of suspicion and mistrust would fit an obsessive-compulsive type of personality.

·         Question 39


A crisis becomes identified when other people perceive it to be a life-threatening to you.

·         Question 40


When attempting to meet group potential, which of the following is not a key determinant toward progressing forward?

·         Question 41


How long after a counseling relationship ends can a counselor date a counselee?

·         Question 42


Jacob wakes up in the morning only realize that he sees evidence that a burglar had broken into his home and blames himself for leaving the window open. In the heat of the moment, he decides to throw his coffee mug at the wall, shattering it completely. Jacob’s transference of feelings is known as:

·         Question 43


Why is giving advice not recommended by counselors?

·         Question 44


Lay helpers need advance training and knowledge of psychological issues before counseling.

·         Question 45


A Christian counselor who is working in a private practice or providing any services should be paid according to spiritual and ethical guidelines.

·         Question 46


Which of the following is a function of a leader, according to Stephen Greggo?

·         Question 47


Determining the purpose of the study is the first step in the research process.

·         Question 48


If a counselor is working harder than a client then which of the following does the counselor lack?

·         Question 49


Select the appropriate list of traits that predict the greatest likelihood of improvement when the counselor demonstrates these traits.

·         Question 50


Normalizing client’s feelings is harmful to the client.

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