Rasmussen NUR2058 Module 11 Remediation Assignment Latest 2019 April

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NUR2058 Dimensions of Nursing

Module 11 Remediation Assignment

Remediation for Exams

In an effort to support student success and achievement of the Student Learning Outcomes, the School of Nursing has implemented an exam remediation assignment that may allow each student to earn up to 5 points on each of the three exams (for a total of 15 points). A maximum of 5 points for each of the 3 remediation assignments may be earned and added to your Exam #1, Exam #2, and the Final Exam.

This assignment is voluntary and may only add points to your exam score, no other assignments. Keep in mind that your score cannot exceed 100 points. All remediation must be submitted in the Week #11 dropbox no later than Sunday, June 14th. NO LATE REMEDIATION WILL BEACCEPTED!

Remediation FAQs:

Is this remediation mandatory? No

Can I lose test points by completing the assignment? No

Will I get all 5 points for completing the assignment? If the answers to all of the questions are correct and meet requirements, you will receive all 5 points (nothing above 100 points)

When is due by? All 3 remediation assignments will be due no later than June 14th. No late credit will be awarded for late submissions

Where do I submit my assignment? In the Week #11 dropbox entitled “Remediation”

Is there a word count? No, however, there is a minimum of 5 sentences per selected item

Do I need to submit the remediation all together or individually? You need to submit the assignment all at one time.

Do you need to include references? No

Is this assignment in APA format? No

Is there any certain format for submitting responses? No

Remediation Instructions:

There are 3 Bingo cards, each one representing content from each of the 3 exams in this course. For each Bingo card, select 5 item topics. Just like regular Bingo, your row has to go across or up and down (no diagonals). For each item topic you select, you need to write aminimum of 5 sentences. One word answers or responses less than the 5 sentence minimum, will earn you “0” points. Each item topic is worth “1” point.

There is no general format for this remediation. It does not require APA (no cover or reference page). All 3 remediation assignments


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