Liberty CSTU 101 quiz 6 - Who was the famous practitioner

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Liberty University CSTU 101 quiz 6/CSTU 101 Quiz 6 (Latest): Liberty University


·         Question 1


Who was the famous practitioner in the medieval time period who challenged Aristotelianism by starting with the position that God is the source of truth and that the world is created by God? He merged Christian and Aristotelian thought.

·         Question 2


Consisted a hero of the Renaissance, who wrote Utopia. Lived from 1478-1535.

·         Question 3


Humanists believed in the _______ and dignity of the individual.

·         Question 4


During the 1200’s Popes would employ a military force to combat heresy and use this judicial process to eradicate heresy within the Western culture.

·         Question 5


According to the chart in your Textbook. What are the years of the Renaissance?

·         Question 6


What century was the Washington National Cathedral built in?

·         Question 7


Perhaps the best example of the early Gothic style of architecture is found in which city?

·         Question 8


The Carolingians also stimulated artistic activity. One of these was the development by painters that involved pictures within manuscript pages called _______________.

·         Question 9


A period of Cultural Rebirth in Europe.

·         Question 10


According to the chart in your textbook, which of these types of literature occurs last?

·         Question 11


Which word best describes the culture that gave rise to Romanesque architecture?

·         Question 12


In philosophy, the synthesis of the High Ages was made by_________ in the 13th century, who merged Christian and Aristotelian thought.

·         Question 13


Who halted the Islamic expansion into France and Europe?

·         Question 14


This poem is about a warrior from southern Sweden who sails to his uncle’s court in Denmark where he slays the monster, Grendel.

·         Question 15


Which century was marked by famine and plague in western Europe?

·         Question 16


Michelangelo’s  statue standing as a representation of Humanism as it’s proud self.

·         Question 17


One important feature of medieval intellectual life was expanding interest in education, which culminated in a distinctive new institution the ____________

·         Question 18


What were two classical values that inspired the Renaissance humanists?

·         Question 19


Who gave the Renaissance its first candid picture of human nature with the idealism of medievalism and humanism stripped away.

·         Question 20


Who wrote Don Quizote?

·         Question 21


Charlemagne’s brutal reign destroyed much learning and education in Europe.

·         Question 22


The history of the Crusades illustrates the principle known as the “law of unintended consequences.

·         Question 23


Science was not very prominent in the medieval intellectual activity.

·         Question 24


Romanesque Architecture developed from the Gothic Architecture.

·         Question 25


Renaissance intellectuals considered themselves to be both humanists and Christians.

·         Question 26


During the period of 750–1000, Carolingian rulers dominated European life.

·         Question 27


The so-called Children’s Crusade was the only crusade that was “successful” in any meaningful sense.

·         Question 28


During the period between 1000–1350, the economy of Europe did not develop much because of little technology being developed.

·         Question 29


Religious architecture was the primary European artistic activity.

·         Question 30


The pope’s actions on Christmas Day 800 made Charles the Great, or Charlemagne (768–814), king of the Franks and emperor of the Carolingian Empire (from Charles’s Latin name, Carolus)

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