Liberty CSTU 101 quiz 3 - Plato’s student was

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Liberty University CSTU 101 quiz 3/ CSTU 101 Quiz 3 (Latest): Liberty University


·         Question 1


Plato’s student was

·         Question 2


Who lived first?

·         Question 3


Professional philosopher- who became the leading teachers in Athens were called:

·         Question 4


The Greek theatre created tragedy in the year __________.

·         Question 5


This Greek doctrine is concerned with the ethical, ideal, or universal element in an artwork as distinguished from its emotional appeal.

·         Question 6


Which one of these did the Greeks consider the most important of the Arts?

·         Question 7


Greek word translated to mean "diligence in the pursuit of moral and physical excellence”.

·         Question 8


Who was Plato’s teacher?

·         Question 9


The Peloponnesian War involved what two cities?

·         Question 10


The view that the universe requires no supernatural cause or government, that it is self existent, self explanatory, self operating, and self directing, and that it is also purposeless, deterministic, and only accidently productive of humanity.

·         Question 11


Reality, for ___________, consisted of (Ideas) of all basic things, Forms that exist beyond the grasp of the senses or even the mind.

·         Question 12


In Raphael’s painting The School of Athens, ___ is depicted with his finger pointing toward heaven, while ___ is pointing to the earth below.

·         Question 13


Who recognized the appeal of Herodotean story-telling of historical events. But thought history should chiefly provide an accurate record and analysis of past events as a basis for intelligent decisions in later times.

·         Question 14


Approximately what year did Paul enter the capital city of Athens?

·         Question 15


This famous sculpture by Myron is perhaps the best example of the Greek genius for taking the old traditions and making them new:

·         Question 16


The top or crown of a column.

·         Question 17


A structural system in which vertical supports or columns support horizontal beams.

·         Question 18


The Greek marketplace where philosophy was debated was called the ____:

·         Question 19


Which order of Greek temple architecture is associated with the Classical period and demonstrates elegance and refinement? It is considerably more decorative, even opulent and adored by the Romans as well.

·         Question 20


“Philosophy” literally means:

·         Question 21


Socrates was sentenced to death for treason.

·         Question 22


Pride in the Greek culture was considered a virtue.

·         Question 23


The Greeks felt that music was not important and thus did not teach their youth this art.

·         Question 24


Plato gave the fullest expression of his idealistic philosophy in the Republic.

·         Question 25


The Greeks had a low regard for education and felt that children should learn best without a tutor or teacher.

·         Question 26


Socrates’ favorite student was Aristotle.

·         Question 27


The Greeks view the individual as paramount because personal achievements were the measure of all things.

·         Question 28


In our readings Plato and Aristotle are generally considered the most influential philosophers in the history of Western culture.

·         Question 29


Thousands of Socrates own personal writing have helped carry on his legacy.

·         Question 30


Aristotle and Plato were materialists and Socrates was an idealist.



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