Liberty CSTU 101 quiz 2 - Archaic Greek sculpture of a standing

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Liberty University CSTU 101 quiz 2/ CSTU 101 Quiz 2 (Latest): Liberty University


·         Question 1


Archaic Greek sculpture of a standing, clothes maiden figure.

·         Question 2


Homer composed the Iliad between what years?

·         Question 3


The first Greek code of laws. Though very severe did offer a single standard of justice for all people.

·         Question 4


When was the United States Capitol Building construction begun?

·         Question 5


As we have studied the Greek Heritage, what dates could you give the Classical Period in Greek history.

·         Question 6


A Wealthy-German merchant turned archaeologist discovered Troy in Northern Turkey.

·         Question 7


This archaeological monument is from the citadel of the kings from ancient Mycenae.

·         Question 8


The first people who dwelt in Greek lands about whom we have much information were the _____.

·         Question 9


Who said “Justice in the life and conduct of the state is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of its citizens.

·         Question 10


The so-called “Archaic Grin” is associated with Greek sculptures? It can be seen on this sculpture.

·         Question 11


During the Archaic Period the Greeks enlarged their economy and gained leisure time for other pursuits: gymnastics, education, philosophic-scientific investigation, discussions in the ___________.

·         Question 12


What do Historians sometimes use to refer to the great leap that propelled Western culture forward?

·         Question 13


This is the name given to the civilization disseminated throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East in the wake of Alexander’s conquests.

·         Question 14


Greek god of the sea.

·         Question 15


When was Neo-classical architecture brought to America?

·         Question 16


What types of columns decorated the front of the Supreme Court?

·         Question 17


The apex in all the arts for the Greek civilization came to its apex during the high classical period especially during which Age.

·         Question 18


The worship of Olympian gods was a complex and fascinating religion. According to the Rawls textbook, at its most straightforward the religion used mythical gods and goddesses to explain what?

·         Question 19


Which style of art do we associate  with the Archaic Period of Greece?

·         Question 20


An Archaic Greek sculpture, of a standing male youth which is nude.

·         Question 21


Individualistic to the extreme, the Greeks had no organized religion and, consequently, no hierarchy of priests.

·         Question 22


Sparta was able to rival Athens in cultural and intellectual achievements.

·         Question 23


The Parthenon is built during the 2nd century

·         Question 24


Ancient Greek culture is generally dynamic, while ancient Egyptian culture is generally static.

·         Question 25


The Greeks were not known for being very idealistic or pragmatic.

·         Question 26


According to your textbook, a culture without a divine monarch has no compelling need for monumental sculptures.

·         Question 27


The Indo-European tribe is believed to have lived about 3000 years ago in the area of Central Asia.


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