Liberty CSTU 101 quiz 1 - Known as the land between the Rivers

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Liberty University CSTU 101 quiz 1/ CSTU 101 Quiz 1(Latest): Liberty University


·         Question 1


Known as the land between the Rivers.

·         Question 2


Which artifact depicts the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt?

·         Question 3


What term describes the multiple perspectives we see in Egyptian art, especially in portraying the human body?

·         Question 4


Which artifact provided the key that allowed scholars to decode Egyptian hieroglyphics?

·         Question 5


The basic way an individual looks at life, his basic worldview, the grid through which he see the world.

·         Question 6


Legal standards had been developed in the past but none so practical as the Code of Laws that established the rule of law from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea. Who was the Code of Laws named after?

·         Question 7


Greek historian and writer who described Egypt as “all the country covered by the inundations of the Nile”

·         Question 8


What could justly be described as the study of how people process and document their human experience?

·         Question 9


Who said that “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child” when we do not have an understanding of the past?

·         Question 10


Who said “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose”

·         Question 11


This was perhaps the best known sculpture of Egyptian art.

·         Question 12


The most significant Sumerian literary work was

·         Question 13


"The Heritage of the Past is the Seed that Brings Forth the Harvest of the Future." Is located on which building in Washington?

·         Question 14


The belief in and worship of many gods.

·         Question 15


The Egyptian temples were the first structures in the ancient world to be built entirely of _____.

·         Question 16


Which system says “the sun is at the center of the universe”?

·         Question 17


What two concepts are the main focuses of our studies in CSTU 101?

·         Question 18


The Egyptian religion had a certain ethical component called ________

·         Question 19


The first written language was called

·         Question 20


This word is defined as the sum total of the collective beliefs, behaviors, and values that connect a group within a society.

·         Question 21


Technology involves the manipulation of raw materials to produce some benefit.

·         Question 22


Sumerian sculptures mainly used granite for their statue.

·         Question 23

Nebuchadnezzar has been discovered to be just a fictional king.

·         Question 24


The visual arts used within a culture are usually self-explanatory.

·         Question 25


The Iwo Jima Memorial is located in Japan, and is a tribute to their soldiers.

·         Question 26


The Egyptian Culture was short lived and lasted only a few centuries.

·         Question 27


The Mesopotamians built their ziggurats and temple from the available stone, while the Egyptians built their tomb, temples using sun-dried bricks.

·         Question 28


Early Christian art showed a shepherd carrying a sheep? This symbolized their admiration for this occupation?

·         Question 29


Sumerian civilization was ancient, but not very advanced in learning.

·         Question 30


Egyptian culture’s life and religion being inseparable.


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