Liberty RLGN 104 Test 2 - is analogy used by the textbook to describe

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RLGN 104 Test 2: Religion: Liberty University / Liberty University RLGN104 Quiz 2

·         Question 1


_______ is analogy used by the textbook to describe the Trinity.

·         Question 2


When a shooting takes place at a school, arguing that the reason it occurred was because of gun laws alone is what type of fallacy?

·         Question 3


Critical thinking:

·         Question 4


Presenting another person’s argument in a weak, misrepresented, or exaggerated form in order to win the argument is what type of fallacy?

·         Question 5


According to Powell, which of the following point toward belief in a transcendent, personal, intelligent designer?

·         Question 6


The moral argument suggests that without God, morality is subjective.

·         Question 7


The two primary ways evidence is gathered: data gained from an external source and ________.

·         Question 8


The Holy Spirit is omnipresent, but not omniscient.

·         Question 9


Muslims and Jews believe in the Trinity the same as Christians.

·         Question 10


When researching a topic, a critical thinker should avoid investigating the many sides of an issue to avoid confusion.  The person should pick a position and find content to support the position.

·         Question 11


Indecision, not making a decision, is actually a decision in itself.

·         Question 12


An argument against an action on the unsupported assertion that it will lead to a much worse condition is what type of Fallacy?

·         Question 13


Everyone has a right to an opinion but that does not make every opinion accurate or correct.

·         Question 14


The Anthropic Principle makes an argument based on order in the universe that was designed to accommodate life.

·         Question 15


Irreducible complexity is the idea that many molecular machines are simply too complex to have formed via evolution.

·         Question 16


Oversimplifying a complex issue to make it seem that only two options are possible is an example of a False Dilemma Fallacy.

·         Question 17


The Big Bang cannot explain where matter originated.

·         Question 18


“You can’t trust my opponent.  Here she is speaking to you on the values of abstinence and abstinence education. Everyone knows she had a child out of wedlock while a teenager herself” is an example of:

·         Question 19


The Argument from Design, observes nature, and concludes that it demonstrates randomness rather than intentionality or a plan.

·         Question 20


Using the Begging the Question fallacy is the same as using circular reasoning.

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