Liberty RLGN 104 Test 1 - According to Powell, reason is not the enemy

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RLGN 104 Test 1: Religion: Liberty University / Liberty University RLGN104 Test 1


·         Question 1


According to Powell, “reason” is not the enemy of “faith”.

·         Question 2


Which of the following is not characteristic of the Bible?

·         Question 3


One of the first tasks of Christian apologetics is to provide information.

·         Question 4


Christian faith is simply a personal preference, a function of how one was raised, and a worldview that is only supported by emotional considerations.

·         Question 5


Preaching “the Word” only refers to the Old Testament since the writing of II Timothy 4:2 was before the New Testament was completed.

·         Question 6


A translation of the Bible is most accurate when translated by one, highly educated, highly qualified individual.

·         Question 7


When Jesus spoke as “one who had authority”:

·         Question 8


In describing “truth”, Powell states:

·         Question 9


The church fathers showed that they understood the importance of Jesus’ historicity when they crafted the _______________ Creed

·         Question 10


The Greek word for “preach” is a first century word meaning “to proclaim” and implies passion produced by one’s belief.

·         Question 11


Apologetics for some is not discovered or understood until after they make a profession of faith. However, apologetics is important for all Christians to engage the culture.

·         Question 12


Upon returning to the Decapolis region a second time after healing the crazed man who had been cutting himself with rocks, Jesus:

·         Question 13


When presenting the gospel to people Christians should be:

·         Question 14


The word worldview is derived from two German words meaning “world” and “perception.

·         Question 15


Studying worldviews helps us better _______.

·         Question 16


A Biblical Worldview is a perspective or viewpoint based upon the teachings of the Bible.

·         Question 17


Ignatius was the Bishop of what ancient city?

·         Question 18


When Jesus presented the gospel most people accepted it the first time they heard it.

·         Question 19


The story of Ignatius is significant in that he was willing to go to his death proclaiming…

·         Question 20


According to Powell, Christianity can be understood as an “antidote” rather than a lifestyle choice or part of a well-balanced religious view.

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