SJDC ENG100 Opinion Piece Essay

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-A design method (columnizing, visuals, etc.

-A title

-Your name and date (not in MLA format since you are using a design method)

-A clear claim in your introduction that includes your opinion. Either argue for or against the topic. Don’t argue for both sides. (What is your opinion?)

-At least two supporting points for your claim in separate paragraphs. Include data from your sources in each of these paragraphs that support your claim.

-An opposing viewpoint with a rebuttal. Argue against the opposing viewpoint. You don't want your reader to think you agree with the opposing viewpoint. 

-A descriptive policy change that outlines a plan of action that can be taken. Don’t give advice: “people should keep track of how much time they use their phones and reduce their use in the morning.” This is not a policy change.

-A works cited section after your essay

-At least two sources

-An introduction of your sources when you first use them: author name, article title (in quotes), publication name (in italics)

Keep this easy. Use the data you collected from your Literature Review essay to help you write this paper. You have done so much research for the Literature Review; take the best, most persuasive information you found, and use it to convince your reader of your point of view. 

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