SJDC ENG100 Final Exam

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*Please email me if you have any questions in the days before you begin the exam. The only aspect of the assignment that I will not be able to reveal is the topic. You will get this information once you start. 


Completion time: 8 hours from the time you open the exam (this is a lot of time!)


Due Date: Friday, May 17th by 11:59pm


Format: essay


Words: at least 750 words


Purpose: You will construct an opinion piece on a topic that will be provided for you once you open the exam. Your opinion piece must be on this topic.


Materials: Three articles will be provided to you once you open the exam. These three articles, which are very simple and easy to read, will be used to help you write an opinion piece on the topic (discussed in the articles). They will have information that addresses both sides of the issue. You may also find other articles if you wish.


Organization: Use the information provided to you on the Opinion Piece (in module 14) to help you in writing this assignment. This assignment does not require a design method like your other Opinion Piece essay. I don't think Canvas will let you upload anything other than text.




-Remember to use ethos, pathos, and logos to help you persuade the reader-


Ethos: Do you use information from your sources to support your claim? Do you properly cite and introduce your sources when you use them? Do you provide opposing viewpoints to show that you are being conscientious of other perspectives?


Pathos: Do you use language and data to help you elicit emotions from your reader (anger, hope, fear, etc.)?


Logos: What kinds of strategies do you use to get your reader's attention and draw them in to read your your essay? Do you choose data that adequately supports your claim? Do you provide opposing viewpoints in order to refute them to show why your opinion is most effective?


Topic: Should the U.S. lower the legal drinking age to 18?


Claim: Yes or No (Don't argue both sides)


Use the following articles (and others if you do your own research) to help you support your point. Click on the following links or cut and paste these into your web browser.


"Should the U.S. Lower Its Drinking Age" by Brandon Griggs, CNN (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


"Keeping Legal Drinking Age to 21 Saves 900 Lives Yearly: Study" by Bahar Gholipour in The Huffington Post (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


"Time to Lower the Drinking Age" by Mary Kate Cary in U.S. News and World Report (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


*You can also conduct a Google search using the article titles to find these sources.


Make sure you include the following:


-A title


-A clear claim in your introduction that includes your opinion. Either argue for or against the topic. Don’t argue for both sides. (What is your opinion?)


-At least two supporting points for your claim in separate paragraphs. Include data from your sources in each of these paragraphs that support your claim.


-An opposing viewpoint with a rebuttal. Argue against the opposing viewpoint. You don't want your reader to think you agree with the opposing viewpoint.


-A descriptive policy change that outlines a plan of action that can be taken. Don’t give advice: “people should keep track of how much time they use their phones and reduce their use in the morning.” This is not a policy change.


-A works cited section after your essay


-At least two sources


-An introduction of your sources when you first use them: author name, article title (in quotes), publication name (in italics)

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