Operations Research Assignment

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Operations Research Assignment

Data refer to measurements of fuel consumption. Specifically, the random sample consisted of 150 cars, seven known construction companies, designed and marketed in 1999 or in 2008. The following variables were collected:


Variable Name



Miles per gallon (mpg).


1 = Αudi.

2 = Chevrolet.

4 = Ford.

6 = Hyundai

11 = Nissan.

14 = Toyota.

15 = Volkswagen.




1999 or2008.


4, 6, ? 8.


?i) Provide a descriptive analysis for each variable separately, consisting of appropriate numerical and graphical methods and comment on your findings.

ii) With the help of appropriate charts-graphs, see if in the sample the fuel consumption values ??in the city differ according to the manufacturer's company, the year of design and the number of cylinders in the car.

iii) Construct the frequency and relative frequency table for Engine_size data using 3 classes, where machines less than 2.5lt are considered "light", machines from 2.5lt to 3.9 lt are considered "normal" and machines of 4lt or more are considered "big". Provide corresponding names in the categories of this new category variable. Then describe the "City_mpg" variable separately for each engine displacement class (including graphical and numerical methods). Compare and comment on your results.

iv) Construct a Contingency table between the "Cylinders" variable and the new categorical engine displacement variable you created in the previous query. Give the relative frequencies of cells, rows and columns and comment on the results.

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