MBC 635 - Operations and Supply Chain Management

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MBC 635: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Case 2: Amazon Go: Venturing into Traditional Retail (Ivey W17398)

Report Instructions


1. Purchase “Amazon Go: Venturing into Traditional Retail” from Harvard Business Review: • Paste the coursepack link into your browser (do not click on the link) • https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/621571 • If you have not registered, you will need to do so before purchasing the case

Read the article and work with your group to develop the report.

2. Write a report in a question and answer format with the following elements:

1. Were Amazon’s diversifications through Amazon Go appropriate, given the company’s resources and capabilities? Discuss from the perspective of the company’s competitive strategy. (~ 1-2 page)

2. Describe and explain 4 supply chain risks that you see with Amazon Go. (~3 pages)

3. Using information from the internet, summarize the current situation for Amazon Go and its competition. (~1-2 pages)


The report should not exceed 6 pages of text (11 point font, double spaced, 1-inch margin) and should contain a maximum of 4 exhibits (tables, charts, graphs).

All references should given (not included in the 6 page limit).



3. Peer evaluation: After submitting your report, send an e-mail to me rating each of your peers on their contributions to the team:

i. Rating of 0 = did not carry their fair share of the work load ii. Rating of 1 = carried their fair share of the work load


4. Deliverables: one report per group, upload to 2U before Sync Session 9.

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