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NUR3164 Introduction to Nursing Research and Health Informatics

Unit 3 Quiz  

Question 1

Which trend is influencing healthcare reform?

Veterans Health Information System and Technology Architecture Implementation.

Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems.

Everett Rogers’s theory of diffusion of innovation.

disruptive technology.

Question 2

What is designed to increase the transparency of medical documentation, by touting the benefits of such transparency?


the Society for Participatory Medicine

the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

the OpenNotes Project

Question 3

Which of these best describes participatory medicine?

Authoritative care model

Integrated care model

Community care model

Cooperative care model

Question 4

SERMO for MDs and ANA’s NurseSpace are two examples social media.  What kind of social media structure best describes these platforms?


Advocacy Group-Consumer



Question 5

In what scenario is it acceptable for a healthcare provider to "friend" patients?

the patients ask them to be a friend.

they understand their work's social media policy.

the patients have a chronic disease.

they have been their patients for at least 5 years.

Question 6

In the future, what changes are anticipated role of social media in healthcare?

Static, as people return to in-person and lower-technology means of communication.

Will be widely used and deeply integrated.  

None. It has gone too far already.

Minimally used only by “health geeks.

Question 7

What does the term "secure PHR messaging" refer to?

 Ability to send messages between healthcare providers within a single EHR.

System sends messages between healthcare providers across healthcare systems.

Send messages from patients to providers via a stand-alone PHR.

One can send messages from patients to providers via a tethered PHR.

Question 8

What are the most commonly used functions of personal health records?

reading patient education materials and renewing medication prescriptions.

entering data (such as self-measured glucose and blood pressure) and medical condition review.

viewing test results and medication refills.

online appointment scheduling and reading clinical notes.

Question 9

What mHealth apps has the FDA already announced will require premarket approval?

generate health advice from patient-specific information.

act as ECG machines.

transfer data to healthcare providers.

monitor and track blood pressure.

Question 10

Which of the following is NOT among the three biggest mHealth challenges identified by experts in the U.S. ?

data privacy risks and legal risks.

making poor health decisions.


people misinterpreting their own data.


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