Eastern Florida NUR3164 2019 March Unit 7 Discussion Part 2 Latest

Eastern Florida NUR3164 2019 March Unit 7 Discussion Part 2 Latest

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NUR3164 Introduction to Nursing Research and Health Informatics

Unit 7 Discussion Part 2

Ethics & Health Informatics: Part II

Part II:   Health related journals and research articles:   Identifying ethically conducted research

For a peer-reviewed journal, the publication of articles plays an essential role in the development of the body of knowledge. Therefore, it is essential that all publishers, editors, authors, and reviewers, in the process of publishing the journals, conduct themselves in accordance with the highest level of professional ethics and standards. Many journals follow the recommendation of the Committee of Publication Ethics (Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) but many journals state their ethical practices where an author would submit an article for publication.  Two of the most prestigious journals are the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Journal of American Medical Assoc.(JAMA).

British Medical Journal Author Hub discusses its ethical approval standards for conducting research on human subjects, appraisal of ethical issues, and what happens if a submitted journal for publication doesn't meet their stated standards:  Link  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Journal of American Medical Assoc. discusses it's requirements of the authors to conduct ethical research, obtain appropriate IRB/ethics committee review or follow the principles outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki: Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

(hmmm...where have you seen this before?!  Hint:  Part I)

Discussion Board Assignment:

Select a research article that involves a vulnerable population as identified by the regulations for human subjects research (

As expanded on in DB 1: children, prisoners, pregnant women, students, employees, impoverished, elders, ethnic groups, disenfranchised populations and cognitively impaired individuals (with cognitively impaired, it is primarily related to the capacity to give informed consent).

Summarize the article in 1-2 paragraphs:  include the article’s question/hypothesis

Introduce the vulnerable population of interest & the social aspects of this group

Did they identify the Institutional Review Board approval or ethics committee? If so, what was/were the reviewing institution(s)?Give your professional opinion as to effectiveness of the protection of the vulnerable population in the conducted the research ~ any thoughts?

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