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DEVRY PSYC305 2019 January Week 7 Individual Assignment Interview Report Latest

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PSYC305 Motivation and Leadership

Week 7 Individual Assignment Interview Report

Cross-Cultural Realities at Work (individual interview report)

In this individual assignment, you are required to interview someone who is different from you (see criteria below) so that you may learn from the interviewee and be able to adequately reflect on the questions for analysis as given below. Please make yourself aware of questions for interview and for analysis before conducting the interview.

This interview is designed for students who are learning about diversity.


Find someone who meets all three criteria:

at least 7 years older or younger than you are;

doing work that you may not imagine yourself doing; and

culturally distinctly different from you.

Conducting the Interview

Your goal is to get the person talking. Listen for what is said, what is implied, and what is not said. Try not to insert your opinions and experience. Use the sample interview questions as below; please feel free to add your own.

Start the interview by explaining who you are and why you are interviewing him or her. Thank the person sincerely for giving you his or her time and thoughts. Be sensitive throughout the interview regarding whether the person wants to continue.

Sample Interview Questions

Start with questions that are easy and comfortable to answer.

What kind of work do you do?

How long have you been doing it?

Can you describe a typical workday?

Then move to questions that require more thought and rapport with the interviewer.

Why did you end up doing this work? What kind of person often does this sort of work? (And would you consider yourself typical?)

What do you like about this work?

What is difficult about this work?

How do [customers, others in the company, etc.] treat you? What do they think about the job you do? [Adapt this question to fit your particular interview—try to get at how the person thinks he or she is treated based on his or her work.]

How does being a [fill in the blank with a salient cultural category: man, older person, African-American, 20-something, etc.] play into the work you do?

Has this work changed the way you think about yourself and about the world?

What are some cultural values that are important to you? [It can be family, work, or interpersonal.] Do you think these are similar to or different from mainstream American culture? Please explain your ideas.

What do you like best about American culture? What do you like least? [Even if the person is American, he or she will have an opinion about this question that gives you some insight about how he or she views things from his or her perspective.]

Thank him or her again.

Analysis of Your Interview and Writing Your Report

Think about your interview, the person, and his or her work. Please consider these questions as you write your report for this assignment. Make sure to present a well thought response based on your interview and these questions.

First, state who the interviewee is and how does he or she meet the three criteria (all three should be met).

What aspects of this person's work determine or indicate his or her status relative to others?

What are some of the connections between this person's work experience and gender, race, age, and/or ethnicity, etc.?

What kinds of attitudes, values, and behaviors does this person's work culture encourage?

What attitudes and values held by this person are similar to your own, and which are different?

From this interview, what can give us insight into communicating across cultures or across work cultures?

Don't forget to submit your assignment.

Rubric (professor has the discretion to award points as deemed reasonable)

Complete, well thought-out answer tapping into required content, arguments well presented, all parts responded to adequately, all criteria met, no significant errors: 45-50/50

Many points made, but some connection to content missing, one part not answered, incomplete discussion, nearly all criteria: 40-44/50

Some points made, but some connection to content missing, incomplete and/or limited discussion, some criteria met: 35-39/40

Limited discussion, limited points, few criteria met: 30-34/50

Poor in every way, no criteria met: 0-33/50

For grammar, spelling, and APA formatting errors, student may lose additional points.

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DEVRY PSYC305 2019 January Week 7 Individual Assignment Interview Report Latest

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