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PSYC305 Motivation and Leadership

Week 5 Team Assignment 3

Objectives of Team Assignment 3

to continue to work in your team with a new leader and members in other roles, all that were specified in Week 2 assignment, for Week 5, and

to participate fully in completing a PowerPoint based on research conducted by your team on the phenomenon of groupthink and at least 3 scenarios/examples in which groupthink has had significant negative consequence.

Tasks and Deliverables

Read the section on “Avoiding groupthink” in the Manning and Curtis book, pp. 256–258. With your team, investigate multiple examples of groupthink and present information about the phenomenon and at least 3 scenarios / examples (other than the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster) in a PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation must cover examples/ scenarios in which groupthink has had a significant consequence.

PowerPoint advice: Every slide should have clear, readable text no smaller than 28 point font; remember to limit your use of full sentences. Each slide should also have some kind of visual to enhance the communication of that content. Using APA guidelines cite your sources, including in-text citations. The professional team product includes an introduction, multiple content slides, and a conclusion, as well as a reference slide. Better products usually have about 15 to 20 slides (four or five from each student). You may need more for more complex products. More detailed guidelines on presentation techniques is provided in a document “PowerPoint dos and don’ts” in the Files section of the Course Menu.

Submit your team assignment deliverable/product to the team discussion, Files section of the Course Menu for all to see, and to the Team Assignment area. The presentation is posted in the team discussions so that you can all work on it, and the team leader or designee should post a final copy in the Files section of the Course Menu so other teams can see it. Each participating team member should post the same final copy in his or her own Team Assignment area so that it can be graded.

Remember to post the TLMR (Team Leader and Member Report) in Team discussions, and in your own area along with the deliverable/ product (PowerPoint).

In-class students must be ready to present your product to the class at the beginning of next week’s class.

Don't forget to submit your assignment.


For Team Assignment 3 (due Week 5), 60 points will be awarded as follows:

Quality of Team deliverable/ Product: 30 points total

Accuracy and completeness of Content (Groupthink, symptoms, other conditions, outcomes, isolation of forces of groupthink, at least 3 scenarios) – 20 points

Research/references  - APA Referencing style, at least 1 good reference per member – 10 points

Creativity in Team deliverable/product:12 points total

Presentation style, format, content – number of slides, consistent appropriate font and size, cover, intro, conclusion slides, effective use of presentation software, professional delivery – 12 points

Individual participation in Team discussions (at least 4 times fair contribution): 18 points total

Substantive participation on at least 3 different days a week for the student to get a full mark - 18 points


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