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Unit 1 Assignment  

Final Reflection of Resources     

We will study the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and how they relate to preschool planning curriculum through the readings, resources, articles and websites, videos, planning resources and supplemental resources provided in the individual units of this course.  These resources replace the textbook and are current materials written by many individual field professionals with life experiences that can give real input into your studies. 

Therefore, the first part of the final assignment will ask you to comment on one resource taken from each of the units, your choice.  Read all the resources and visit all the links provided in each unit before you make your selection. Some readings will be knowledge you are already familiar with and are solidified by reading. There will be some that will stretch your thinking and give you a new perspective. Certainly, understanding that this coursework is intended to inform, extend your thinking, invite you to query, reflect and refine towards your journey in practice, this assignment will be the final project completed along the way of these eight weeks as you create new knowledge each week.

I would like you to select a resource from the readings and answer these four questions:

What is the name of the resource, article, website or video?

What was the overall idea of the resource and how it related to the whole unit under study? Ex. how it relates to the unit of science.

What was one important idea that you will use in your classroom that clicked for you from this resource?

How has this resource changed your thinking, being specific about where you were in your thinking to what you read and digested that made that aha moment of change?

     This assignment should be approximately 2 full pages in length, reflect the entire meaning of the selected resource in a short synopsis form commentary and answer fully the four areas noted in the assignment. It should be submitted using the four bullets and answers underneath each bullet to be consistent in content from the question.  These will be collected after each unit, graded, commented upon by the instructor and kept as part of the final assignment. You must complete one each week to be current.


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