CHS250 2019 January Unit 5 Discussion Latest

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Unit 5 Discussion

Group Activity Sharing

This is where you should create a thread and attach your document to share with the class. It should reflect the research you are investigating so that the entire class can benefit from your information of the topic.  If everyone shares what they are learning about their assigned topic in this thread throughout the week, we will all learn from each other. Remember, your topic is assigned in the announcement area.

Review the work from classmates and provide constructive feedback on each topic.

Do you have any personal connection with any of the material that you can share?

In your fourth comment (your first required post will be the comment posted by you as you begin your research) specify one fact or idea that you will bring to your classroom and implement in your planning. This can be something that you researched and will use or by reading your classmates posts and will use in your classroom.

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  1. CHS250 2019 January Unit 5 Discussion Latest

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