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devry Hum303 course project

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Due on: 11/29/2013
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Course Project: Advancements in the Humanities

Objectives">Back to Top

This course will take you through huge chunks of human history from the Paleolithic era through the Vietnam War and into our postmodern world. In Week 7, you will be asked to deliver a five- to seven-page research paper on any subject within the humanities of your choosing, providing you have cleared it with your professor. Your research paper will require a minimum of three sources and a maximum of five sources. You must document your research scrupulously—both in text and in a reference page as specified by the APA style sheet. Scrupulous documentation plus high originality, analysis, insight, and fresh applications of ideas are highly prized. Mere reporting, describing, and finding others’ ideas are discouraged, and copying and pasting is just wrong. Your paper is to be 70–80% original and 20–30% resourced (documented via

Guidelines">Back to Top

Your final grade includes points accumulated for your

  • outline/proposal;
  • discussions;
  • an annotated bibliography;
  • a Final Paper; and
  • a Final Exam.

The following are guidelines to assist you in completing the course successfully.

Guidelines for Discussions: Please do not merely cut, paste, and attribute in the discussions. For every idea you paraphrase or language you quote, you must have at least two lines of your own original analysis, evaluation, or personal connection. Learning the humanities is not about finding information, but it is about engaging originally and authentically with what you are reading.

Guidelines for the Outline/Proposal: An outline is a convenience to help you tack down the topics you hope to cover in a Final Paper, and a proposal is the extended and full description of your project (as best you know it at the time of writing). Understand that you are making a best effort to describe your project early on, but allow yourself to be open to growth and change as you conduct research and focus your intentions.

Guidelines for the Annotated Bibliography: Good annotations make for excellent papers. You are required to have three (but no more than five) scholarly resources. A scholarly resource is written by an academician with a Ph.D. or other terminal degree, is published in a multivolume, peer-reviewed journal, and has ample references of its own. Your annotations should succeed in the following.

1. It should establish the title, author, journal, and page numbers.
2. It should briefly summarize the article, book, or chapter.
3. It should analyze the text—say what the implications are, what assumptions are held, what historical context is represented, and the like.
4. It should locate at least one quotation to be used in your paper.
5. It should evaluate—say whether you agree, disagree, and why.

Guidelines for the Final Paper: The essay must be five to seven double-spaced pages in length (not including the title or reference pages). Include a minimum of three and a maximum of five scholarly sources. The margins should be no more than one in. (right and left). The essay should be composed in 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font. All of the sources must be documented and cited using APA format.

Milestones">Back to Top

Please refer to the Guidelines above for specific details.

Annotations (150 points)

A good annotated bibliography provides the publication details, describes the key points of the source, uncovers controversies introduced by the source, and evaluates the merits of the source. Each of your three (minimal) to five (maximal) annotations should be approximately 200–250 words.This is due Week 4.

Outline and Proposal (100 points)

Following the annotations, you will be ready to plan your paper. An outline (one and one half pages) and a proposal (two to three pages) of your intended project are due. Quality proposals and outlines will not merely describe or find information but will have a strong and original point of view. The highest points are conferred for originality, the locating and detailing of controversies, and for nuanced papers that sensitively explore topics with deft subtlety.This is due Week 2.

Discussions (350 points)

Each week, discussions will focus on text readings and explore the nuts and bolts of some of the major historical events, artwork, literature, political thinking, and culture of specific historical periods. Your discussions require that you NOT ever merely cut and paste someone else's ideas with an attribute––such discussions have absolutely no value and will not be recognized. If you wish to include external source information substantively, you may do so. The rule is for each line you quote or paraphrase, you must give two lines of your own analysis. You must state why this inclusion is relevant, what we are supposed to think as a result of reading it, what controversy it raises, and why you think it's important that we know about the source information. Additionally, when you quote something, you must offset it with quotation marks so that it is clear to your reader when you are quoting and when you are analyzing originally. The same holds true of paraphrasing––please offset the paraphrase in such a way that is clear that it is a derived idea, and then offer your analysis. Whether you quote or paraphrase, you must provide both a parenthetical in-text citation, as well as the full reference at the bottom.

In other words, the only way to be original when you are reporting information is to think about it, form an opinion about it, evaluate it, critique it, and then write it clearly. You are expected to craft six high-quality posts on three separate days each week.This is due Weeks 1–7.

Final Paper (200 points)

See details under the Guidelines above.This is due Week 7.

Grading Rubrics">Back to Top
Course Project Final Paper RubricTotal Points Possible200Total Points Earned0

Points PossiblePoints EarnedComments
Ideas/Content: Ideas are strong and relevant to a humanities paper. The thesis includes a clear statement of purpose and sensitively explores its subject matter. It is supported with effective, specific, and relevant details selected with a humanities audience in mind. Body of the paper is five to seven pages of text (not including the title page and references).50
Organization: It has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. The writing is structured to enhance meaning. Transitions are used to move from point to point. Transitions provide logical sequence appropriate for the purpose. Each paragraph ends with an original statement that connects to the thesis.50
Word Choice: The language is rich, effective, natural, precise, and vivid. Words used to convey images are appropriate to the audience and purpose. Vocabulary is varied, specific, and accurate. It is appropriate for college-level writing.10
Sentence Fluency: Sentence structures vary and contain no major flows such as run-on sentences, fragments, and verb errors. Sentences add interest and flow to text. There is strong control over simple and complex sentence structures.15
Mechanics: The paper reflects correctness of expression and has been edited for spelling, style, grammar, and punctuation.25
APA Formatting: The paper is double-spaced and is in a 12-point Times Roman font. The APA title page is not required or desired. Let’s be green.20
References: There is a minimum of three academic sources. The references page includes full citations, and in-text citations are included when material is used from a source. Sources do not exceed 30% of the content and are cited correctly (in text and in a full reference page).30">

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devry Humn303 course project

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HUMN303_Week_2_Proposal_Outline.docx (26.53 KB)
Preview: fact xxxx the xxxxxx doll In xxxxxxxxx culture, the xxxxxx doll xx xxxxx symbolic xx the perfect xxxxxx which has xxxx reinforced xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx customs xxx norms Young xxxxx see Barbie xxxx as x xxxx model xxx a blueprint xx what the xxxxxx woman xxxxxx xxxxxxxx The xxxx is admired xxx her wonderful xxxxxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxx hair xx short, Barbie xxxx embodies what xxx contemporary xxxxxxx xxxxx sexually xxx physically attractive xxxxx the portrayal xx the xxxxxxx xxxxx in xxx Venus de xxxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxx doll xxx xx considerably xxxxxxxxx and serve xxxxxxxxx functions, both xxxxx a xxx xxxxx the xxxx they were xxxx and depict x captivating xxxxxx xxxx has xxxxxxxx over the xxxxx It is xxxx obvious xxxx xxxxxxxxx cultures xxxx found diverse xxxxxx attractive A xxxxxxx case xx xxxxxxxx that xxxx found obesity xxxxxxxxxx particularly as xx symbolizes xxxxxx xxx purpose xx this paper xxxx be to.....
HUMN303_Week_4_Intro_Annotated_Bibliography.docx (25.25 KB)
Preview: in xxxxxxxxxxx enhancement xx human and xxxxxx rights and xxxxxxx societal xxxxxx xx addition, xxxxxxx customs, laws, xxx education have xxxxxxxxxxx considerable xxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of women xxx likely future xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxx xxxxx be x representation of xxxx The representation xx women xxx xxxxxxx considerably xxxx the years xxx has overcome xxxxx challenges xxx xxxx generations xxxx shows resilience xxx possibly represents xxxx for xxxxxxx xx it xxxxx current and xxxxxxxx challenges It xx evident xxxx xxxxxxx (and xxx necessarily the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx composition) has xxxxxxx defined xxx xxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of women xxxx the past xxxxxxxxxx This xxxxxxxxxx xx expected xx continue in xxx future with xxxx of xxx xxxxx carried xxxxxxx and others xxxxx revised to xxxx emerging xxxxx xxxxxxxxx C x (n d x Venus de xxxxxxxxxx Arizona xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Retrieved xxxx http://www asu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx htm The xxxxx de xxxxxxxxxxx xxx found xx the year xxxx by archaeologist xxxxx Szombathy xx x Aurignacian xxxxx deposit in x walkway approximately xx meters xxxxxx xxx Danube xxxxxx neighboring the xxxx of Willendorf xx Austria xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx of the xxxxxxxx Christopher L x E xxxxxxxxx xxx carving xxx not have xxxx done in xxx region xxx xx another xxxxx people used xx make carved xxxxx from xxxx xxxxxx oolitic xxxxxxxxx Several studies xxxx different dates xx the xxxxxxx xxxx the xxxx recent putting xx at 24,000-22,000 xxx The xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx formations xxxxxxxx art and x symbol of xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx xx society xxxxxxxxxx female gender xxxxx were certain xxxxxx.....
HUMN303_Week_7_Final_Paper.docx (27.32 KB)
Preview: Handler xx 1959 xxxx doll has xxxx propagated into xxx midst xxxxxxx xxx numerous xxxxxxxx media and xxxxxxxxx interests While xxx Willendorf xxxxxxx xxxx source xx influence emanated xxxx the values xx society, xxx xxxxxx era’s xxxxxxxxx focused on xxx marketing and xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Both xxxxxxxxx are popular xxx to their xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxx xx their xxxx revealing their xxx connotation of xxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Even xx the present xxxx gender roles xxxx according xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx setting xxxxx de Willendorf, xxx found in xxxx by xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx Szombathy xx an Aurignacian xxxxx deposit in x walkway xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx meters xxxxxx the Danube xxxxx neighboring the xxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xx Austria xxxxxxxxxx n d x Willendorf already xxx a xxxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by local xxxxxxxxxx The carving xxx not xxxx xxxx done xx the region xxx in another xxxxx people xxxx xx make xxxxxx items from xxxx porous oolitic xxxxxxxxx This xxxx xxxxx that xxxxx was interaction xxxxxxx the communities xxx they xxxx xxxxxx shared xxxx cultural influences xxxx as art xxx trade xxxxxxx xxxxxxx give xxxxxxxxx dates of xxx Venus de xxxxxxxxxx era xxxxx xxxx recent xxxxxx is cited xxx period between xxxxxxxxxxxxx BCE xxx xxxxxxxxxx female xxxxxxxxxx depicted art xxx a symbol xx fertility xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx especially female xxxxxx It also xxxxxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxx attached xx female roles xxxxxx than the xxxxx as xxxx xxx today xx portrays the xxxxxxxxxx and appreciation xx the xxxxxx xxxx for xxxxxxxxxx and as x unifying figure xxx figurine xx xxxxxx meticulously xxx on a xxxxxxx material to xxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx roles the xxxxxx gender is xx play xx xxxxxxxxxx future xxxxxxxxxxx The figurine xxxx is covered xx a xxxxxxxxx xxxx gear xx depict the xxxx of the xxxxxx head xx xxxxxxxx beauty xxx at that xxxx that depicted xxxxx as xxxxxxxxx xxx also xxxxxx to use xxx figurine to xxxxxxx different xxxxxx xxxxxx The xxxxxxxx also symbolized xxxxxxxxxx fertility and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxx gender xxx protruding, bulbous xxxxx big breasts, xxxxxxxxx abdomen, xxx xxxxx split xxxxxxxx unrefined, uncivilized xxxxx Venus de xxxxxxxxxx portrays x.....
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devry Hum303 week 2 outline

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Tutorial Preview …week x…
HUMN303_Week_2_Proposal_Outline_(1).docx (26.53 KB)
Preview: Created xxxx than xx millenniums ago, xxxx figurine is x vital xxxxxxxxxx xxxx Many xxxxxxx ways of xxxxxxxxxx its importance xx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx that xxxxxxx it have xxxx suggested For xxxxxxxxx it xxx xxxx argued xxxx the statue xxx a Goddess xxxxxxxxxxx fertility xxxxxxx xxxxx feminine, xxx figurine has xxxxxxxx breasts and xxxxxxx The xxxx xxxx its xxxxx region is xxxxxxx emphasized points xx procreativity xxxxx xxx figurine xxxxx hair and xxxxx which is x drastic xxxxxxxx xx today’s xxxxxxx that sees xxxx and face xx important xxxxxxx xx physical xxxxxxxxxx In essence, xxxxx features were xxxxxxxxx by xxx xxxxxxxxxxx society xx superfluous, since xxxx were not xxxxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx of x woman to xxxxxxxxx What is xxxxx many xxxxxx xxxxx may xxxx at the xxxxxxxx and think xxxx the xxxxxx xx archaic, xxxxx accounts for xxx “defects” in xxx woman’s xxxx xxxxxxxx it xxxxx be possible xxxx this was.....
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Hum303 week 4

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Tutorial Preview …week…
HUMN303_Week_4_Intro_Annotated_Bibliography_(1).docx (25.25 KB)
Preview: including xxxxx house, xxx friends among xxxxxx Every woman xxxxxx of xx xxxxx weight, xxxxxxx size, and xxxx shape Girls xxxxx long xxxxx xxxxxxx with xxxxx dolls depicting xxx considerable influence xxxxxx dolls xxxx xx them xxxx own several xxxxxx girls and xx indication xx xxx massive xxxxxxxxxx are the xxxxxxx manufacturing facilities xxxxxxxxxx role xx x teenage xxxxxxx model has xxx close association xxx use xx xxxxxxx youth xxx culture Women xxx increasingly under xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxx xx represent xxx good things xx the society xxxx are xxxxxxxx xx be xxxxxxxxx and keenly xxxxxx care of xxxxxxxxxx and xxxx xx more xx the reason xxx they are xxxx in xxxxxxxxxxx xx attract xxxxxxxxx of targeted xxxxxxxx Their role xx modeling xxxxxxx xxx pursuit xx match the xxxxx expectations by xxxxxxx in xxxxxx xx purpose xxxxxxx height, size, xxx weight, other xxxxxxx of xxxxxx xx depicted xx the current xxxxxxxxxx by both xxxxxx include xxxxxxx xxxxxx clothes, xxxx hair, and xxxxxx The current xxxxxxxxxxxx way xx xxxx has xxxxxxxxxxxx changed Unhealthy xxxxxxxxxx are fueling xxxxxxx challenges xx xxxx health xxx this has xxxxxxxx in a xxxxxxxx perception xx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx endowed body xxxxx since it xx associated xxxx xxxxxxx risks xxxx has influenced xxxx to perceive xxx slender xxxx xx the xxxxxxx one Porter, x (2013, September xxx To xxxxxxx xxxxxx Gap, xx It Enough xx Lean In? xxx New xxxx xxxxx Retrieved xxxx www nytimes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx role and xxxx of xxxxx xx present xxxxx has changed xxxxxxxxxxxx.....
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