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Macroeconomic topics Paper

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Subject: Economics
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Macroeconomic topics students may choose include but are not limited to the following:
Economic Growth
Business Cycle
Costs of Inflation
Causes of Unemployment
Review of The Great Depression
Costs and Benefits of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

1. Must be at least 8-10 double spaced pages in length.
2. Must have a cover page that includes the following:
a. Title of paper
b. Adult learner’s name
c. Module name and number
d. Facilitator’s name
e. Date submitted
3. Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct problem statement.
4. The body of the paper must include the following:
a. Three to four specific academic concepts applied from the module to the topic or problem addressed.
b. Each concept must be addressed in the following way:
i. Reference academic literature gleaned from classroom assignments or reading in related journals or books
during the course of this module. Use American Psychological Association, 6th ed. (2010) for references
and citations.
ii. Describe an experience where adult learner observed a problem or issue and relate this topic to academic
concepts demonstrated in a business or workplace environment.
iii. Readdress the concept and the experience with critical thought. Following the process of causes and
possible solutions or improvements to the stated problem or issue. How could someone respond to the
problem by applying lessons learned from experts cited in the paper and from their own analysis?
5. The paper must conclude with a re-statement of the problem statement and a conclusion paragraph.

6. The final page must be a Reference Page that is completed according to American
Psychological Association 6th ed. (2010).

Content Area



1. Economic Content/Development: 40%
a. Relevant literature references are reviewed to present the subject(s) discussed in the paper.
b. Paper demonstrates knowledge of the economic concepts applicable to the subject.
c. Paper presents competing economic ideas concerning the subject
d. Major points are illustrated using relevant economic principles
e. Paper uses the vocabulary of economics effectively.
2. Organization: 20%
a. The paper has a title page that includes required information
b. The structure of the paper is clear and easy to follow with an introduction, body, and
c. Ideas flow in a logical sequence.
d. The introduction provides sufficient background on the topic and provides a thesis for the
e. The conclusion is logical and flows from the body of the paper.
f. The conclusion reviews/summarizes the major points.
3. Format: 20%
The paper, including citations and reference page, follow APA guidelines for format.
The paper utilizes references and cites appropriately.
The paper is laid out effectively and uses reader friendly aids (e.g., headings, sections,
summaries, table of contents, indices, and appendices), when appropriate.
All margins are 1”; 12 point font; double space
Paper is 8 pages in length (excluding title page, reference page, appendices, etc.)
4. Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling: 10%
a. Rules of grammar, usage, and punctuation are followed.
b. Spelling is correct.
5. Readability/Style: 10%
a. Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.
b. Sentences are well constructed, with consistently strong, varied structure.
c. Paper incorporates a Christian worldview.
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Paper on Economic Growth In United States (User Guide)

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Tutorial Preview …is xxx greatest xxxxxxxxx faced by xxxxxx States post xxxxxxxxx There xxx xxxxxxx factors xxxxx pose a xxxxx hurdle for xxxxxxxx development xx xxx country xxxx microeconomic and xxxxxxxxxxxxx factors have xx be xxxxxxxxxx xx analysing xxx economic problems x deeper insight xxxxx various xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx growth provides xxx better understanding xxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx This xxxxxxxx for guidance xx future policies xxx strategies xxxx xxxx help xx revamping the xxxxxxx economic growth xx US xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx recession xxxxxxxxxxx by the xx economy continues xx be x xxxxxx for xx economic growth xxxx after five xxxxx of xxxx xxxxx recession xxxxxxxxxx is still xxxxxxxxxx because of xxxxxx problem, xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx of xxxx standards, deficit xxxxxxxxx production, misappropriation xx resources x xxx so xx are the xxxxxxx making the xxxxxxxx growth x xxxxx challenge xxxxxxx these problems, xxx workers union, xxxxxxx wages, xxxxxx xxxxx is xxxxxxx hallowed out, xxxx of job xxx increase xx xxx cost xxxxx is blowing xxx economic problem xx the xxxxxxx xxxxxx policy:The xxxxxxxx growth of xx is being xxxxxx than xxx xxxxxxxxx growth xxx the optimistic xxxxxxxxxxx about the xxxxxx in xxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxx has declined xxxxxxxxxxxx After the xxxxxxxxxx shutdown xxxxxx xxxxxxx 2013 xxx the budget xxxxxxx and the xxxx default xxx xxxxxxxxxx higher xxx the government xxx these problems xxx to xxxxx xxxxx and xxxxx in making xxxxxxxx for tackling xxx growing xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Being x policy maker, xxx should first xxxxx against xxx xxxxxx recovery xxxxx the tax xxxx or by xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xxx this xxxx increase the xxxxxx of debt xx the xxxxxx xxx will xxx more burden xx the economy xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxx 2013, xxx standard Keynesian xxxxxxxx about the xxxxxxxxxx spending xxxx xx an xxxxxxxxxxxxxx toll is xxxxxxxx misguiding, but xxx most xx xxx efficacy xx many stimulus xx still arguable xxx the xxxx xx to xxxxxxxxx the current xxxxxxxx irrespective of xxx amount xx xxxx By xxxxxxx down the xxxxxxxxxxx and taxes xxxx accelerate xxx xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx and this xxxx foster the xxxxxxxx growth xx xxxxxxxx Source: xxxx the above xxxxxx provides for xxxx information xxx xxxx difference xx time period xxx log in xxx right xxxx xxxx graph xxxxxxx discloses that xxxxx 2009 recession xxx output xxx xxxxxxxxx with xxx average growth xxxx of 2 xx This xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx for xxx gap between xxx trend line xx 3 xx xxx the xxxxxx output level xxx concern is xxxxx the xxxxx xx debt xxxxx is posing x great threat xx the xxxxxxxx xxxxxx and xxx proportion debt xx GDP is xxxxxxxxxx steadily xxxxx xxxxxxx indicates xxxxx the existence xx fiscal deficit xxx crisis xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxx implied fiscal xxxxxxxx will take x decade xx xx implemented xxx fact is xxxx there is xx right xxxx xxx the xxxxxx contraction and xx will never xxxxxx…
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