East ECON 4214 - Investment funds can be allocated

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9. Investment funds can be allocated to the Corporate sector and the Non-Corporate sector. The graph below shows the equilibria in the investment market of the Corporate sector before and after a corporate income tax. Draw a demand and supply graph of the investment market for the Non-Corporate sector on the right.

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The equilibrium return rate in the Corporate sector will (increase or decrease) There is a (demand/supply, increase/decrease) of investment funds in the Non-Corporate sector.

  1. The equilibrium return rate in the Non-Corporate sector will (increase or decrease)?
  2. Mark the equilibrium return rate of the Non-Corporate sector before the tax. Shift the demand or Supply curve and mark the new equilibrium return rate.

10. The following graph shows the schedule of the Earned Income Tax Credit (2008), with phase I increases and phase II decreases with income. Which phase offers work incentive to people?

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  1. East ECON 4214 - Investment funds can be allocated

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