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ECON 213

You are required to complete 4 Discussion Board Forums throughout this course. You will
research a topic, compose a thread discussing the topic, and reply to at least 2 classmates’
threads. Research outside the textbook is required for each forum. Each thread must contain at
least 2 cited references in current APA format, and each reply must contain at least 1 cited
reference in current APA format. Acceptable research sources include periodicals, journals,
newspapers, magazines, and the Bible. Sources such as Wikipedia,, book reviews,
and blogs are prohibited. You may complete the required research using the Jerry Falwell Library
website. For additional assistance, please visit the Online Students page.
In each thread and reply, you must demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the economic
theory and outside research for the topic at hand. You must also adhere to current APA format.
Each thread must be at least 300 words. For each thread, you must read 1 of the 3 articles
provided. Use the following guidelines when composing your thread:
In the opening paragraph, provide a 2–3-sentence summary of the article.
In the second paragraph, explain an economic idea contained in this story. Specifically,
note how the economic idea plays a prominent role in the story.
In the third paragraph, explain what you think about the events in the story. You do not
have to agree with what is going on, but you do need to provide your reaction to it. This
is your chance to express yourself: what are your opinions? Be sure to defend yourself.
Finally, address how economists and Christians might agree or disagree on the outcome.
Does the economic component of this story mesh with your understanding of how
Christians should react to the circumstances? Provide details to support your position (in
other words, do not just say “Christians wouldn’t act the same way as economists”).
Title your thread according to your topic.
Each reply must at least 100 words. At least 1 of your replies must cover a topic different
than the one you discuss in your thread. You must make substantive comments about your
classmates’ threads. Just saying “I agree” in one form or another is not acceptable. A good reply
might include a question of clarification, a question that is relevant to the topic but was not
discussed, a counterpoint to the author’s points, or a well-supported disagreement. Be sure to
keep your replies civil.
Each thread is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of the assigned module/week, and replies are
due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of the same module/week.
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