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CIS 500 Week 5 Midterm Exam

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CIS 500 Week 5 Midterm Exam

1. Because Wal-Mart has thousands of suppliers to manage and is constantly looking for new ones worldwide, they invested in a new __________ strategy.

2. Which of the following is an advantage of batch processing over online transaction processing?

3. Wal-Mart’s global sourcing strategy is designed:

4. Which of the following statements about virtualization is false?

5. The number of hours an employee worked in a certain week is an example of:

6. Why would organizations use cloud computing during tough economic times? • Question

7. What is the most cost-effective approach to managing fraud?

8. Prior to 2002, what was the common perspective on infosec?

9. Which of the following is not one of the essential defenses against botnets and malware?

10. A majority of data breaches involve:

11. Protecting data and business operations involves all of the following efforts except:

12. Explain how data and documents are transferred over a packet-switched network. In your explanation, identify the format, protocol and transfer method. Compare and contrast how data/documents are transferred to how voice is transferred over a circuit-switched network.

13. What are three of the major data functions performed by a DBMS? Briefly explain the functions.

14. List and explain the four major steps in business performance management (BPM).

15. Which of the following statements about data warehousing is false?

16. Being a smart company involves each of the following except:

17. Data warehouses are designed as __________ systems, meaning that the data can be queried and analyzed much more efficiently than online databases.

18. Businesses that collect data about employees and customers have the legal duty to __________.

19. As a general rule, in order to maximize earnings, companies invest in data management technologies that increase:

20. Implementing security programs raises many ethical issues. Identify two of these ethical issues.

21. IS capabilities support all of the following business objectives except:

22. Basic functions of an IS are:

23. Which of the following is a characteristic of competitive advantage?

24. According to Porter’s competitive forces model, there are five major forces in an industry that affect the degree of competition. Those five forces impact:

25. While of the following statements about mobile market opportunities is false?

26. Multiple networks were needed to transmit documents, voice, and video because:

27. Which of the following is not a characteristic of intranets?

28. What is significant about 4G networks is that they do not have a __________, which both 2G and 3G networks do have.

29. Networks transmit __________, which carry voice or data between a sender and a receiver.

30. When you send a file or e-mail message over a network, it is broken into smaller blocks called __________ that follow different paths from the source to the destination.

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CIS 500 Week 5 Midterm Exam

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Preview: performance xxxxxxxxxx are:Step x Decide on xxxxxxx performance levels xxxxxxxxxx metrics xxx xxx for xxxxxxx performance levels xx that the xxxxxxx can xxxxxxxx xxx success xxxx 2 Determine xxx to attain xxx performance xxxxxx xxxxx issue xxxxxxx to get xxxxxx This is xxxxxxxxxx by xxx xxxxxxxxx strategies xxx plans Step x Periodically assess xxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx with xxxxxxx to its xxxxxx objectives, and xxxxxxxx  This xx xxxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxx performance and xxxxxxxxx it to xxx values xxx xx Step x Step 4 xxxxxx performance or xxxxx  If xxxxxxxxxxx xx too xxxx corrective actions xxxx to be xxxxx to xxxxx xxx gap xxxxxxxxxxxx Feedback:[None Given]Question xxx out of x pointsWhich xx xxx following xxxxxxxxxx about data xxxxxxxxxxx is false?AnswerSelected xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxx warehouse xxx constantly updated xxx volatile Correct xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx xxxx warehouse xxx constantly updated xxx volatile Question xxx out xx x pointsBeing xxxxxxxx company involves each xx the following xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:  using xxxx xxx learn xxxx the data xx increase productivity xx profitability xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx data xx a centralized xxxxxxxx management system xxxxxxxx 172 xxx xx 2 xxxxxxxxxx warehouses are xxxxxxxx as __________ xxxxxxxx meaning xxxx xxx data xxx be queried xxx analyzed much xxxx efficiently xxxx xxxxxx databases xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:  online analytical xxxxxxxxxx (OLAP)Correct Answer:  online xxxxxxxxxx processing xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx out xx 2 pointsBusinesses xxxx collect data xxxxx employees xxx xxxxxxxxx have xxx legal duty xx __________ AnswerSelected xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxxxxxx 192 out xx 2 pointsAs x general xxxxx xx order xx maximize earnings, xxxxxxxxx invest in xxxx management xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx increase:AnswerSelected xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a and xxxxxxxx Answer:  both a xxx bQuestion xxxx xxx of xx pointsImplementing security xxxxxxxx raises many xxxxxxx issues xxxxxxxx xxx of xxxxx ethical issues xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Answer:Two ethical xxxxxx would xx xxxxxxx conditions xx e-business is xxxxxxxx monitoring and xxxxxxx Correct xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx vary xxxxxxxxxxxx security programs xxxxxx many ethical xxxxxx First, xxxx xxxxxx are xxxxxxx any monitoring xx individual activities xxxxxxxx certain.....
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