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MIS582 week 7 paper

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Week 7: Lab Overview

We only have one research paper assignment for week7. Here is the detail:

Week 7: Lab Overview   Lab 4 of 4: Research Paper (100 points) 

Writing a research paper on the role of databases in real-life business systems.

  • Paper topic description: Databases have many applications in businesses. Discuss the role of databases in one of the following applications.
    • Business intelligence
    • Enterprise-wide applications (e.g., ERP, CRM, SCM, etc.)
    • E-business
    • Search engines (e.g., Google’s Bigtable)
    • A specific industry (e.g., banking)
    • Another topic (approved by the instructor)
  • The paper should be 5 pages, double spaced, excluding cover page and reference page(7 pages altogether).
  • You must use at least three authoritative resources other than your textbook. These must be displayed in the bibliography and must be clearly cited in the body of the paper.


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