System Aquisiton And Software Implementation

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1. Define the business drivers 

2. Identify the investment objectives 

3. Identify benefits, measures, and owners 

4. Structure of the benefits 

5. Develop a set of criteria for evaluating the candidate CRM applications (you should choose at least four applications - one of these should be an open-source application, and one should be an internally commissioned application written specifically for the ICS Services whereas remaining two should be the commercial off the shelf software applications. Show how each candidate system measures up against the criteria and analyze the pros and cons of using each of these approaches to select and acquire CRM application for the ICS Services. 

6. Underline the strategy that should be used to form a team (who should be in the team and why?) 

7. responsible for the acquisition and implementation of CRM applications. Identify Organizational changes enabling the benefits 

8. Determine the explicit value of each benefit 

9. Identify cost and risks 

10. Develop strategies for mitigating those risks. 

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