The tools (Johari window, MBTI, TA and DISC) should be used and reflect

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This topic is somewhat confusing and complicated for me to truly understand and submit assignments that must be submitted on the nearest day. Also, my exam is getting closer. Because my exam is near and I have to prepare for other subjects. It would be very helpful for me if you could provide me a solution for the topic.

The tools (Johari window, MBTI, TA, and DISC) should be used and reflect how they have helped you to reflect on your own attitudes and behaviors in terms of conflict and communication(the writer can reflect their attitudes and behavior in terms of conflict). You need to provide at least one solid example of an experience in which you (the writer or the expert) managed conflict using your personal understanding of the models. You can identify in your reflection the tools that helped most to identify your areas of concern and what you have learned about yourself.


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  1. The tools (Johari window, MBTI, TA and DISC) should be used and reflect

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