Computer Organisation And Architecture : Assemble the MARIE program

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Q1. Assemble the MARIE program below.

Addr   Label       Instruction

100    Start,        LOAD X
101                     ADD Y
102                     STORE TEMP
103                     LOAD W
104                     ADD U
105                     ADD TEMP

106                     OUTPUT
107                     STORE Z

108                     HALT
109     X,            DEC 5
10A     Y,            DEC 14

10B     TEMP,    HEX 00FD

10C     W,            DEC 4

10D     U,            DEC 16
10E    Z,            HEX 00FE

a) List the hexadecimal code for each instruction
b) Draw the symbol table
c) What is the value stored in the AC when the program terminates?


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