Alternative Designs

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An Information System (IS) People and Cargo Tracking System (PeCaTS) This is hypothically a IS design that includes people and cargo tracking I am from Alabama, USA Study and present two alternative designs for PeCaTS. Out of the three designs, which one is the most viable and why? Devise a weighting and scoring table for evaluating each alternative design, and recommend a design. In Week 4, you learned about systems development strategies, the preparation and presentation of systems requirements documents, and transition to the systems design phase This week, you'll learn about the systems design phase. In this phase, systems analysts create a physical model of an information system (IS). This model satisfies the logical design requirements defined in the systems analysis phase Data design includes: •Creating ERDs •Assigning data elements to an entity •Normalizing table designs •Completing the data dictionary entries for files, records, and data elements.

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